Book Marked ! — A box of books (1)

“Reading, the love of reading, is what makes you dream of becoming a writer”. 
  – Susan Sontag

Yes we are back to the roots. Roots of reading and critiquing books, which we believe is the first step taken towards becoming a good writer. A dream that almost every poet scribbling in his secret red diary and every blogger who blogs in solitude (or with a double digit number of followers) has today.

Call it a divine intervention or pure persistence of the Melonites, that inspite of their hectic schedules at work and for some the ‘Hari Saadu’ type bosses to deal with, Writersmelon is currently being showered with books to read and review – by  Westland., a publishing house that is part of Trent Ltd, a Tata enterprise. 

We are extremely humbled and feel really blessed by this gesture. 

So for all of you who call themselves a book lover , love the idea of receiving books  ‘free‘ and that too with an added ‘raise your collar moment‘ of becoming the reviewers…Beat the scorching heat with this juicy MelonSlice

Register yourself with an email to  [email protected] with the following info;

1. A small introduction, what you do and  why you like to write, read and blog (4 – 5 lines) ,
2. Postal address , with proper pin code for the books to get delivered
3. Phone number (only for the courier purpose, we dont sell credit card 🙂 ) 
4. Your blog link  – if you have one, else we suggest you create one , or send us some samples of book reviews or articles that you would have written. 
5. If you are a complete beginner as far as writing is concerned, dont get turned down, we encourage each and everyone who even likes the idea of being able to write well. So just write to us anyways. 

We will get back to you with all the details. 

This giveaway has ended

All the best !
— Enjoy reading Writersmelon. 
Take a slice in writing!


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