Bombay, Decoded

Bombay…Mumbai…a tale of two cities? Or two sides of the same coin? Doesn’t really matter, never did and never will. A famous author, name I can’t recall, infamously said what’s in a name? Rightfully so, names are forgotten, changed, even lost in the sands of time, but what remains is the quintessential self, the heart, the soul, the idiosyncrasy, the traits that leave behind an eternal identity and everlasting legacy. And with cities like Bombay, it is much more than that – ubiquitous traffic, the local trains, the dabbawallas, monsoon waves at Nariman Point, VT station, Ganapati, Bade Miyan, vada paav, Kailash lassi, VT station, Bollywood, the auto rickshaw and taxis, flooded streets, pot holes, corruption, bureaucracy, and finally the people.

Soaking all this, an individual unwittingly gets lost, gradually merging, becoming one with the city. Mind you, one doesn’t lose his identity, just assumes an additional one, that of the city, and it becomes a part of him, residing in a corner of his heart. Smiling and dancing in Mumbai’s happiness, empathizing its sorrows and wiping its tears, remembering the good things about the British Raj and preserving the ‘Bombay legacy’, raising a toast to a bright future, and finally rejoicing all things that make and give the Bombay its unique identity.

Salaam Bombay!!!

Victor Truth is a short story/skit author, novelist, and award winning article writer. When he is not writing something, he is busy spending time with his wife Tina, and their two kids.

Although lacking formal education in creative writing, Victor has been scribbling since he was thirteen years old – when his first hand scrawled fortnightly magazine found its way into his kiddo siblings’ hands. Followed by scripts/stories that were devoured by his school mates, skits that made it to school/college stages, and articles/flash fictions that featured on competitions

His debut novel Bombay, Decoded has released in December 2014. Four years in the writing, after countless attempts to “novelize” the story, Victor eventually decided to make it a ‘young adult’ genre. Not only due to the fact that the main protagonist is 22 years old but also due to the lack of books in this genre in India. This was very glaring while growing up in Mumbai, as he had to resort to ‘imports’ to satiate his reading thirst. His debut novella, a first of its kind fiction for young adults, is a fitting tribute to the city of Bombay, its spirit, its will and its heart.

 The book can be found for sale at Amazon . You can follow the author on Facebook and Goodreads.


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