Bollywood Deception – By Juggi Bhasin


The word ‘Bollywood’ is enough to attract anyone’s attention and then if it’s clipped along with a murder mystery epitome, it surely becomes a definite pick. Juggi Bhasin’s book Bollywood Deception takes you inside the film industry’s heart and soul in a enraging, engaging and dramatic way.

It’s a mind boggling stance on the mighty Bollywood’s glamour and sleaze that begins with a murder of young Jennie Bijlani followed by a series of jaw-dropping horrendous murders of several other wanna-be actresses. And then, a murderer or wait rather a serial killer is on the loose. To solve the murder mystery, Mumbai Police hires Kas Batterywala, a disgraced policeman and his aide Dr. Kasturi Pandey, a suspended bad-ass opinionated military doctor popularly known as Kassata. She’s all the wild, adventure and magic and I like the way her character has been sketched. Their chemistry is like a nobility-riddle. It’s pleasing, witty yet trying at times written purposely to tickle reader’s funny bone. Well, it did work brilliantly! Being a fan of Sherlock Homes Series, I would say that the author has sketched a relatable contrast image of Sherlock and Dr. Watson in his very own desi-detectives Kas and Kassata.

The silent business of deceit in Bollywood is never talked about but it does retain its relevance and it is depressingly known. Dealing with a left-over leaf of their own haunting past, the two detectives unravel in the corridors of glittery Bollywood, learning many hard hitting truths widespread silently in showbiz industry like drugs, flesh trade and casting couch.

Ram Mishra is a vastly popular veteran film star who is losing his steam but falsely maintains his grip and fame. There’s a bunch of young actors like Shabhaz Ali, Jai Khanna, Avi, Vicky burning the vivid shades of animosity in their hearts for one another but kissing cheeks out in the open. Amidst this crowd survive Tej Kaul who runs an Acting School, Andy Sharma and a popular socialite journalist Aruna Chitale on the brink warming up the mystery and drama. There are quite a lot of other characters as well and their fates have been knitted in a way that they successfully strike the chord unfolding the story. However, for once, I did feel a crowd of characters. The author’s creative juices peaked high literally during the last twenty pages. The climax was not just entertaining but a heartbeat away from what I call very-Bollywood-y. Finally, the case was solved and to my relief I was pleased.
The author has developed his characters in depth no matter they appear for a quick come and go. The fine detailing in the world of cinema is also a big A plus. A plot’s structure is the way in which the story elements are arranged. Having said so, the author has conceived a deep, lively and skillful plot that has been executed well.

The writing style is lucid and the narrative is fascinating. It was a fast-paced breezy read.

Reviewed by: Shaily Bhargava

Author(s): Juggi Bhasin
Publisher: Metro Reads
Release: May 2016
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
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