#BNLF 2015 : Glimpses from the Indiblogger conclave Part 2

Education is a noble cause. But it is very important that the education is also applicable in the real world. Almost every single session that followed at #BNLF 2015 was about learning & appreciating the art & science behind blogging. It is damn diffcult to absorb & express everything that was shared. But here is my very humble attempt to do so. I feel really enriched & thank my stars for attending these wonderful sessions. 

1. All stories need not be unique or great. They need to be    authentic. Your own. 
2. The magical formula of 60 – 30 – 10. Which means 60% should be writing & sharing like the real real authentic , exclusive content that you write – customized for various platforms. 30%  should be about talking to people, connecting with them at a personal level, because it cannot be a one way dialogue in blogging . And only 10% should be about sharing the link. The equation seem to have reversed for many of us starting out isnt it?
3) His blog calendar,  social media scheduler was super cool & impressive. And who is trying hard to do that. Ahem.. me too ! 

Jeff Bullas : All about blogging 
1) “I create , I publish .. I exist” The reason blogging is supposed to be such a liberating experience , is because YOU yourself are in control of every aspect of your blogging life.
2) The art of attracting , seducing & finally expect conversion.
3) This is like treasure hunt exercise for me. Know it but cant seem to be doing it right. “Search drives 300% more traffic than social… so dont ignore it”
4)”Including images in your content and on social media can increase share rates by over 600%”. : Yes sir followed. See so many images, in this post itself. 
5)And this one , my favorite, I am literally following for this blog post: “Why you should blog before break fast”

Bruce Dickenson : Yes THE Sakshaat Iron Maiden
Musician, Pilot and a real BIG entrepreneur. Power house of energy. Epitome of multi tasking. Just dont have enough words to describe him. Wish he got his band along and played us some music. Oh wait they also have a in house beer company. That would have done too !

So basically friends, and our really hard earned readers at Writersmelon. All that I learned from these super icons of blogging / writing / Iron Maiden/ Indiblogger/ and the vibrant blogging community was   really inspiring.

BLOG NOW , right NOW , live NOW. Even if you dont think & chances are that you wont Live Forever. 

Cannot thank enough my first few blogger friends Manjullika , Gauri , Sujata , Shivani who have re inspired me to write & the Indiblogger team to have organised this magnum opus blogger conclave in Mumbai and making it so worth that 8 am rush last Saturday.

—- By @prankyy : Perpetual dreamer, idealist & like a true bong loves food, adda and giving opinion on every thing ! Marketing professional , Founder @Writersmelon


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