#BNLF 2015 : Glimpses from the Indiblogger conclave – Part 1

I still don’t know what pulled me to #BNLF . 8 am in the morning on a Saturday , no shower , no breakfast right out of the bed and there I was at the BNLF registration desk/queue. Apparently it is one of the biggest blogging conclave, most disruptive they say (don’t exactly know why it is called so)  organised by Indiblogger – pioneers in the industry. Not sure what defines the industry, a super popular blogger community to put it simply. But I think the creative mosquito (as later pointed out by one of the speakers) had bit me & bit me really hard. Because of which I just couldn’t miss this opportunity to come on board for these 2 days of awesomeness.

So here I am loaded with inspiration & information from the event. Sharing some of my memorable experiences. Perhaps one of my longest written blog post. So please bear with me.

Blunder in the code – A performance by the in house Indie band. Perhaps this was my reason for punctuality in reaching the venue. The band just takes you back to your college days , and the days when you tried. Desperately tried to sing Summer of 69 in a band. The dormant classical/item number/ wannabe Avril Lavinge singer in me joined the bandwagon cheering the band “We dont need no education”. And yes and rightly so. All we needed was some more INSPIRATION. To blog. And blog well. 

Purba Ray – A musings 
Humor satire , social commentator makes up for this powerhouse at the blogosphere. I envy you Purba Ray. Envy your perfect punctuation, command over the English language and your sense of humor that every body seems to get right.Wow that’s what I call an achievement. People getting your jokes. Isnt it?  And the bong connection that I secretly made with you from the audience is priceless :(.

Arnab RayThe great bong
Well is he one? Literally like great wall of china? Not sure, may be yes, somewhat great I guess. But that’s the beauty of being a 40 something, risk averse Bengali , striking beautiful balance between blogging , being a published author of 3 books (with reputed publishers mind you, not with Tom Dick Harry like us) & a research scientist at a university in U.S. You are quite good at doing all of these & that makes you a ‘Cool bong’ for me. What I learned from him was actually….. nothing …Well , trying his humor in writing if you noticed..So yes, what I learned from he great bong was “Be yourself”.As if I had a choice to become Priyanka Chopra. And that was my original line by the way. No…… please dont boo me. 

To those who are still reading this post and is not a bong , Yes, the bong song is over now. And it will be about rest of the speakers now.

Kanan Gill & his refreshing humor

Bringing out screenshots of pages from your childhood diary in the presentation? How cool & original idea was that? Probably this why this conclave was supposed to be a disruptive one. And this talk definitely was extremely disruptive. Every 20 something , including me ( which was not very long ago) may have gone through an extended period of self doubt , soul searching , meaning searching in job and life and all that bla bla bla. The diet of self help books being still there. Oh ! Not you? Yet? Well you may not be an engineer then.  
So, Mr. handsome due Kanan Gill, the laughter dose that you gave us was better than any booster dose vaccinations we got as kids ! Will look forward to your videos , the pretentious movie review of the movie Prem agan has scarred me for life! O yah..

Ye awaz to bilkul buland hai. I just love listening to young entrepreneurs. Yes I envy them too. That entire generation of 30 something Zukerbergs of the world. But not for the money or fame they get but for the impact they are able to create. A big salute to all of them. The two stories Anshul narrated as an example of impact journalism, gave me goosebumps. Literally! You might like to read this article from YKA, Open-letter-to-anupam-kher – Booed at a recent debate . Cheers Anshul! All the best.  
Preeti Shenoy & her books
Bestseller , extremely successful & perhaps enviously rich , lives with her family in a ‘pent house’ with an Organic garden & a Doberman . And guess what , she gets to have all this by just writing books! Yes just books. You think it is easy? That’s the glossy cover which we see & know all the time. But what is behind this glossy cover is a disciplined writer we got to know, who by the way also does really advanced levels of yoga shirshasan and all. Writes on an average 5000 words a day sometimes even 10000 words a day for her novels . That’s some kind of really heavy dose inspiration. Yes much heavier than her books and her own weight (wish I can look like that when I am 40)

And now comes the real Education stuff. The tried and tested, super useful and much needed Education in blogging. C’mon people, who are we kidding. We needed this education on blogging. All these years , a lot of our efforts have gone into knowing ourselves by means of blogging. But knowing the science behind blogging was need of the hour.

So here comes my account of the 3 international, world renouned speakers – @Jeffbullas @ctrappe & the Sakshaat Iron Maiden owner Bruce Dickenson (no point chasing him on twitter, He still uses a 15 year old ancient/ soon to be fossil mobile phone. In part 2.

— By @prankyy Perpetual dreamer, idealist & like a true bong loves food, adda and giving opinion on every thing ! Marketing professional , Founder @Writersmelon


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