Blogger to Author : A “natural” transition

Having a blog is one thing ; updating it regularly, starting to get obsessed with it , eagerly waiting for comments, likes, visits is another. So if you fall in the second category, the chances are very high that you are already thinking of writing your first book ! Am I right? Ok…may be not immediately… but you know there is a book in you , a story that is waiting to be told. 

Presenting, Aditi Mathur Kumar  and her journey from being a Blogger to Author“. and how life has changed after that sucessful transition. Though “natural” as we may like to put it.  Read on..

I’m more of a blogger, definitely . Have been an irregular one, though. But that’s just who I am. Sometimes I write five posts in a month, and sometimes the blog sees me after two months. Still, I say I’m more of a blogger and like being called one because ; 

a.) You can cover more topics and can surrender to your current mood while writing a post without worrying about anything, and ..

b.) It is more satisfying to write a post and publish it the next second. (haha!)

But still the transition from a blogger to an author was easy as well as natural.  I’ll tell you why.

I am a writer. I write when I am motivated. I write based on my moods – happy, reflective, random inspirations or plain nonsensical musings. I am also a compulsive writer who will finish a piece in one sitting. I don’t have the patience or the skill to wait and write with leisure. 

Not at all… 

When a idea grips me. I write like a woman possessed, with a sense of urgency. When I wrote Soldier & Spice, I was so addicted to it, I finished it in two months !

So no, writing wise, it wasn’t very different for me to make that transition. 

After being published, though, things have changed. 

With blog posts it was never so serious. I love my blog and everything, but no one was paying their hard earned money to read it, right? No one was reviewing it in magazines, newspapers or their own blogs, either. I feel more responsible now that the book is out. I want to be worth people’s time and money.

I wrote Soldier & Spice in two months. When I finally sent sample chapters to Westland, I got a positive reply in two days. They had asked for the entire manuscript. I was up the entire night editing the manuscript and sent it the very next day.I signed the contract in about a couple of months. I did not send it to any other publisher, and everything happened so quickly that I hardly got time to think about it. The wait started only after I signed the contract because there are a lot of things a publishing house does – from two rounds of editing to proofs to cover designs to blurbs to a million more things, before the actual book is out. When I first held the book in my hands, I couldn’t believe it. 
Life post becoming a published author is a little different. People start expecting more from you. And you suddenly get more attention. It automatically means that you are judged more than usual but that’s fine I guess. I’m still very new at it, I’m still learning !

My message for budding journalists and newbie writers would be simple – Write that story.
There is absolutely no use waiting for the right moment, for the right inspiration or for the right opening line. Forget about everything that you think is right or wrong and JUST WRITE.

And see it through. Don’t abandon your project. Rest everything will fall in place !

—- By Aditi Mathur Kumar
A bookhoarder, an ex-advertising girl, a once-upon-a-time blogger, a fanatical Army wife and a real-life social person.
Author of the book “In Focus” Soldier & Spice : An army wife’s life

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Aspiring author, frequent blogger, freelance editor, book critic, movie buff, mihidana fanatic. Lives in Pune. Before the above titles, I was a PhD dropout in Soil Science from the US of A, which rather coerced me into switching gears and professions. I work in both English and my mother tongue Bengali.

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