The Big Switch Will Inspire, Motivate And Make You Emotional

The Big Switch - BY John Thomas

“Destruction is the beginning of a new world.”

The world that you live in has been destroyed innumerable number of times before it became a habitable planet. You see there is a beauty in destruction, it gave birth to mountains, rivers, natural landscapes and a lot many things around you. The rules of nature never change and is same for every living being. It is because something is destroyed that something new takes its place. In order to make it worthwhile, you need to destroy your previous knowledge on a particular subject, before you attain mastery over it. And if you don’t forget the things you have learnt and keep on adding more information to your brain, it will simply over flow and you can never be filled. In order to be fit also, your older muscles need to wear and tear, so that the newer muscles can build itself and make you stronger than you were ever before.

The very same rule applies to our thoughts even. For a new thought to be born, the old thoughts or memories need to be destroyed to make room for it. Keith the protagonist of the story had to undergo a similar destruction process to make it big in life. His life was going to be turned upside down in a few years than his current situation, that he wasn’t aware of. Life can be very intimidating, as it gives you an illusion that everything is right until you find out that, the path you were following isn’t the one meant for you.

Keith had been a software engineer for H&G and was expecting an increment for this financial year. He did get a hike, but not the one he was expecting. Its common for human nature to compare with your colleagues about their increment that they have got, to be satisfied with his own, and now when he found that almost everyone got almost the same increment as his; his inner voice that was roaring like a lion bound in chains to free itself, was subdued and his normal life continued.

It is said – “Life is what happens to you, when you are planning something else.”

Nature has its weird ways of moulding you into something that it has planned for and it will move mountains if it has to. Nothing absolutely nothing can stop it, if it is determined to do what it wants. Keith’s story takes a U-turn when he is selected to work with Ramesh, his manager at Bangalore. Life really amazes you with the treasure it has to unveil, at a perfect moment.

Keith describes his life as a software engineer to Ramesh and Ramesh in turn helps him get motivated and inspires him to do things what he loves. Like I said life is planning something else for you, that you may not be aware of at this particular moment, even Keith nor the readers are aware of the turn of events, that will take place in a few pages.

A reader who thinks the story is predictable, I thought of that even at a given point, but I can assure you that you will be totally wrong by the time you reach the last page. It is the way and the enthusiasm of the author that speaks for itself throughout the entire book. While reading I was a bit emotional and wiped away a tear from the corner of my eye as I was able to relate my life to the one in the story, though a different one but similar.

Now this is a point where the author connects with reader and that is what brings the much needed spark, for which the author did write the story. One such book that I was able to connect was “The Clifton Chronicles” by Jeffery Archer. And I can assure everyone reading this book, that with each and every page you will be able to project yourself in the place of Keith.

In the end I can say a few things, the story will inspire you, motivate you, make you emotional and put all the elements of every genre and finally present you a plot, of which you can only praise of. Like its said “The Best or Nothing.” John Thomas has an excellent story telling skill like no one else, the connection with the story was the trick that he has perfectly executed.
Splendid story! One where I invested my time, not spent.

Reviewed by : Kishan Chand Swain

Author(s): John Thomas
Publisher: John Thomas
Release: 2018
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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