My journey to the world of writing started little late – Bhanu Arora

Who is Bhanu Arora?

I am a banker by profession and also a passionate writer. 10 Essentials to the Blueprint of Happiness is my debut book. I have written a few short stories in the past that can be accessed from the section Short stories on my website. My other passions are travelling, music, movies, and food that inspire me to write.

How did you begin writing?

My journey to the world of writing started little late in life. A modern day author is already well read since his childhood. Even as adults, they read novels and books in their spare time. And to be an author, I guess that is the right approach. You have to be a voracious reader. But I was not an avid reader. I was more into adventure trips, mountain climbing, trekking or playing in the cantonments as my father was in the army. At home, I loved watching movies and listening to lots of music. And as far as reading was concerned, I loved Amar Chitra Katha, world’s oldest epics Ramayana and Mahabharata and the usual Phantom and Mandrake. The writing was not my forte.

During my college days, I was in J&K with my parents and had lots of spare time.  I started writing letters to the editor for a local newspaper called Kashmir Times and they mostly got published. I also started writing lyrics. But they were of no use without a music composer. So, I sent them via registered post to the newspaper office in the form of poems (lyrics for me), and they published it. I felt happy and wrote much more, and it frequently got a place in the local newspapers. That was the last time I could think of some writing by me.

About the book

Some people are born happy, and we often meet them in our daily lives. The same can be true for every human on this earth. Souls are born humble but are stressed by society. One of the primary sources of unhappiness is the existence of adverse individuals in our life. Remove them, and we are free winged creatures. Gossip, socialize, make friends and not a single day would go in sadness. Respect live-in relationship if marriage exhausts you. Travel and explore this beautiful earth for a more joyful you. Forget Billionaires and live your unique life. Deliberate changes in our daily lives can punch you up and make it worth living. 10 Essentials to the Blueprint of Happiness delightfully portrays interlinked stories from everyday modern life that can change you forever with everlasting bliss.

Tell us more about your body of work

I began my career in the corporate world and later joined one of India’s leading banks. In the year 2015, I came across a short story writing contest in Times of India. It was called ‘Write India.’ Many famous Indian authors including Chetan Bhagat, Ashwin Sanghi, and Ravi Subramanian judged the contest. It was an excellent platform for new writers to showcase their writing abilities. I participated in it and initially wrote real bad. I kept on trying and felt improved on every new story I wrote. I have posted some of them on my blog. I knew I could never make it through the contest considering the entry of new generation writers who were well-read, better exposed and more aware of the art of storytelling and writing. But I was very sure of one thing, TOI Write India contest awakened the love of writing in me, and a force within me screamed of pursuing storytelling and writing. I had little time to waste. So I took to reading more seriously. Initially, I could not even get past the tenth page of a novel, but my interest continually developed. I understood that writing was also all about the art of storytelling. And every human in this world has some story. I too had lots of them in my life.

What kind of books & authors have had a profound impact on your writing?

There was this interesting article by Jeffrey Archer on the art of novel writing that inspired me further. I would love to share with everyone. It said-

‘A writer is someone who is well educated; well read, and has a good command of language, whereas being able to tell a story is a God-given gift. If you’re a storyteller, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female, black or white, short or tall, or even what job you did before you decided to write that bestselling book. John Buchan (The Thirty-Nine Steps) was a British ambassador and politician, Joseph Conrad (Lord Jim), a stoker on a steamship, James Herriot (All Creatures Great And Small) a vet, and Dick Francis (Dead Cert) a champion jockey. So, class, background, and upbringing are not the deciding factors.’

And then the ACTION started. I began writing a book and enjoyed every moment of it. It was mostly late nights or early mornings. I was fascinated by the vast world of literature, which I think I missed for past many years. The way great authors described their innermost feelings; imaginations or splendid description of beauty was brilliant or rather classic. Something we are unable to express in spoken words.

So, I penned down a non-fiction book called 10 Essentials to the Blueprint of Happiness. It took me ten months to write my debut book, and I hope you will enjoy it.

I cherish reading Khushwant Singh and Ruskin Bond. I find their writing very simple and straightforward, besides being interesting. Recently, I read The Alchemist and now I am a huge fan of Paulo Coelho.

I am soon beginning with my new fiction novel and a genre close to me heart – Adventure.

Till then…Happy Reading.

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Author(s): Bhanu Arora
Publisher: Bhanu Arora
Release: 2017
Genre: Non Fiction/Personal Development
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  1. I met U in 2001-2002. U ar born happy man. Still remember all yr talks and laugh when alone.Congts for having new adventure.

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