Beyond 22 Yards : The Story Behind

Sourabh Mukherjee

Cricket is the only game I have ever played – from the neighbourhood park to school and college grounds. For several years, right through school and my early years in Engineering college, this is the game that instilled in me discipline and perseverance. It taught me what it means to play with and for your team. It taught me what it means to compete fairly. Lessons that were to benefit me immensely in later years in my corporate life.

Growing up with cricket

Cricket is also the only game that kept me glued to the television screen for hours. Growing up through the eighties and nineties, I watched my heroes on the field snatch unexpected victory from the jaws of imminent defeat, or, lose gracefully in the true spirit of the game, only to rise from the ashes in the next match. And my scrapbooks with their pictures kept piling up.

My interest was not limited only to their antics on the field. I wanted to know them as human beings and not just as the larger-than-life idols of the nation that they were. This curiosity drew me to sports magazines and memoirs that I devoured with relish. And to their interviews on TV. With time and advancement of technology, the sources of information changed. But, my interest in the lives of cricketing legends remained the same.

Over the years, I have come to realize that, there are amazing stories unfolding off the field that need to be told. There are inspiring stories of how one can fulfil one’s dreams against all odds. There are stories of heart-warming romance that challenge conventions and break rules. And there are thrilling stories of scandals and global conspiracies.

These are the stories that I present in the series ‘Beyond 22 Yards’. These are stories where our heroes become human beings – like you and me – whom each one of us can relate to. They win some, they lose some. Sometimes you see them making mistakes and falling. And sometimes they leave us stunned with their grit and iron determination, and emerge winners at the end of the day.

About the books

Love Beyond 22 Yards is a collection of four short love stories between cricketing legends and Bollywood divas down the ages. When I decided to write this book, I looked for stories where the lovers had to fight against restrictions imposed on them by societal norms, by religion, by cultural differences, their celebrity status notwithstanding.

Crime Beyond 22 Yards, on the other hand, is a fast-paced novella about global conspiracies, shocking revelations, and fallen heroes, set in a global backdrop in the early years of the millennium.

What is unique about these two e-books?

With this series published by Srishti Publishers, I have also experimented with format and length. We decided to keep the books short with a lucid narration and filled with interesting and engaging anecdotes, without weighing the reader down with an overload of facts, opinions and counter-opinions spread across hundreds of pages. Also, the digital-only format and the low pricing make these e-books the perfect companions for a short travel, or an hour of waiting.

I am sure you will love reading these books as much as I enjoyed researching on these subjects and writing this series. You will realize, just as I did while working on this series that, truth is often more exciting and entertaining than fiction.

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