Bestseller by Ahmed Faiyaz is Fun and Entertaining

We all know how many wannabe and newbie writers struggle to give conglomerate of their emotions, experiences and imaginations into the shape of a book – to catch the attention of the publishers, to get their work see the light of the day, and to see their baby flying away from the bookstore.

But even publishers struggle to get hold of a bestseller, they go through several crap to get one gem – to launch the book strategically, to try to produce a bestseller from an average book. This is the premise of Ahmed Faiyaz’s new novel Bestseller.

I have read many novels based on the film industry, fashion industry, sports, politics, business, but this is the first time I read a fiction giving a peek into the publishing industry. Though most of the action and happening in the story is the work of the author’s imagination, still, it was exciting to read a fiction based on the publishing industry.

About the Book

The story is about Akshay Mathur who has been appointed as the editor of a sinking publishing house Kalim Publishers with a deadline to produce five bestsellers to keep the company afloat. It was a daunting task, especially when there was hardly any flow of manuscripts. How Akshay would manage to produce five bestsellers forms the rest of the story.

Great Flow

Bestseller is an easy, breezy and crisp read throughout. The story moves at the neck break speed and new names keep popping up on every second page that if you are not alert, you will be left wondering from where this author or manuscript cropped up. Everything happens fast, the characters were always in a hurry, there were quick turns of fate. In other words, you have to be on your toes to keep a track on all the happenings in the story and surprising twists would keep bursting out like a jack pop from the box.

The Characters

The lead characters like Akshay and Zohra were well settled and well etched gives the base to the story, around whom the rest of the characters revolve.

And all the secondary characters, and there were many, actually take the story forward. They all bring with themselves madness and chaos in the professional life of Akshay, ready to pounce on him and eat him raw which further spiced up the drama in the novel. There are all kinds of characters, like the flamboyant and irritating Roshan Khan, ridiculously clingy author Sudhir, flirting author like Anya Mallik, to mention a few.

And amid all the excitement which new characters bring with themselves, the author has also managed to include a love story, an element of suspense and a tinge of thrill in the storyline.
Everything was packed together in this small book. It is big fun in a small package.

A Bit Over The Top

I have just the basic idea of how the publishing industry works. Based on that, I can say that the author has put in a fair bit of research into the plot to get the structure correct. But, I feel he has exaggerated things in a few places that will make you wonder if such things really happen in the real publishing industry.

The Book Cover

The jacket of the book is very interesting and thoughtful. After reading the book, you are bound to study the sketches on the cover to identify them with the characters in the book.

My Verdict

Bestseller is an intelligent book and I cannot deny it. The book serves the purpose for which it has been written. It is fun, fast and entertaining read. Something or the other is always happening that will keep you hooked and glued till the end.

Author(s): Ahmed Faiyaz
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Release: November 2018
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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