I Belong To Art (Rasna Acharya)

rasnaArt. I belong to art. I paint my imaginations. I love making art. What can be more satisfying than loving what you do? I draw, I fill colours to my imagination. Doesn’t it sound beautiful? Capturing your imagination on any medium with your sense of belongings to it. I have been painting since I was a kid. Having a perspective of your imagination is just a divine feeling. My love for drawing, sketching is endless. This zone of art has a unique form of interpreting emotions with a single screen without any form of verbal or written words. You have an endless opportunity to interpret your emotions to the people. ‘A silent scream of emotions’ – this is how I can define my art.

Being an artist, you need to have a keen observing quality within you. What you see, what you hear, what you feel translates in a piece of art and this is how an art is been prepared. Patience, a hell lot of patience is what you need to have to fill your imagination in the medium. An overflowing sea of imaginations, creativity longing to get capture on the medium requires a subtle amount of understanding too. The more understanding you are, the more beautiful your art becomes. The way John Keats states in his poem- ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever’ – in the same way I would say ‘a piece of brilliant art is a joy forever’.

I love colours. I love the colour theory behind every colour, how beautifully each defines itself. So, to give a notation of your own favourite colour to your own imagination is just beyond words. Like how every form of art is beautiful, this form of art captures a person’s desire for his own life to the canvas. The world of art is endless and so is an artist’s thinking. Be it any form, any medium, any emotion, each and everything you come across with can build up your form of art.

The life of an artist is also like a canvas painted with the present thought. I feel blessed to be an artist, to have this form of art engraved in within me. An artist can touch souls of people with just a single screen of canvas and this to me is brilliance. Bringing out a change, have touched someone’s soul what can be more beautiful than this.

Yes, I am an artist. I love art. I’m art. To me, art is worship. Last but not the least, if you can’t love what you do, you can’t love yourself. So, to truly live your life, simply love what you do.



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