Be who you are born to be – The Emperor of your life!

It is such a beautiful world. 
And you__and I__have such a perfect Life.
We miss this beauty though. We miss what’s been ordered for us by the cosmic design. And that’s because we live in a perpetual state of expecting that a more perfect Life will happen to us some time later.

Some years ago, I came out of a meeting with a banker, with whom I had filed an application for a business loan of Rs.10 Lakh. It was a horrible meeting. The banker was cold, uninterested in my Firm’s prospects and kept repeating like a parrot, without willing to listen to my voice of vision, faith and reason, that my Firm’s net worth was eroded several times over and so he will not even be able to pass my papers on to his central loan processing office in Mumbai for consideration. I somehow had pinned a lot of hope on this loan coming through to resurrect our then tottering Firm. 
And so, naturally, I was devastated when I heard a firm, resounding, cold-blooded ‘no’. Steeped in worry, and hungry, I drove up to a store to pick up some groceries that my wife wanted, on my way home. After I shopped and as I got back into my car, and asked my driver to move, a frail, emaciated old man, bearded, dirty, hungry, with pleading eyes, came up to my car and knocked on my window. (This often happens on Indian streets.) He cupped his hands asking for some money. I reached into my pocket. And found a 10 rupee note. I lowered my window glass and gave him the money. It was then that the irony hit me. What was the difference between me and this man? Just minutes before this incident, wasn’t I in this man’s shoes with my banker? Wasn’t I also pleading? Begging? The only difference was that this man was on the street and I was in an air-conditioned luxury car. I was begging for Rs.10 Lakh, he perhaps was begging for less, but got Rs.10! It is then that I realized, that everything is perfect as it is. Your problems, your relationships, your cash position, your health, your business, your career, everything is what it is. In perfect harmony with your Life’s design. Since you are not the one who designed your Life, you have no way of knowing its perfect-as-is nature. So, you pine for a now that is not what is. In that pining, you stop living__and start dying in all the time that you can be alive!

We are behaving like our kids__who are so busy, engrossed in watching Dora or Chota Bheem on TV or are lost in a Tintin comic or in reading Harry Potter, that they don’t eat their meal which has been made with a lot of love and is served hot. The meal is lying there, going cold, but the child is lost in a different world. Similarly, your Life is served, nice and fine, but you are buried, lost, in your book of worries and expectations.

 Listen to what the 15th Century weaver-poet, the mystic, Kabir had to say, “Chah Gayi Chinta Miti, Manva Beparvah, Jo Ko Kuch Nahi Chahiye, So Jag Sahansah” (One who has given up desires, has no worries; one who wants nothing, is the real king!). 

You are born to be an emperor, a ruler of your Life. 
Why then are you being a slave to your worries and expectations?

The writer is a Life Coach, Happiness Curator and the Author of  the book “Fall Like A Rose Petal”.
The book is available at : Amazon , FlipkartInfibeam.


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