‘I Write to Discover and Sometimes to Forget Myself!’ — Neha Sultania

‘When the head wins, the heart sinks.’ – Neha Sultania, Was It love

Neha Sultania is a banker by profession who is passionate about writing. She finds stories and and tries to live those characters to bring variety in her life. Recently released, Was It Love, published by Srishti Publishers is her first book.

What Inspired Neha To Write?

‘I discovered a philosopher and creative person inside me, and found myself inclined towards story telling & poetry. I have a keen interest in mystery and mystical nature of universe, which made me wander into the deep occult sciences and thus I am also a student of Vedic astrology,’ Neha says.

Ms. Sultania has worked almost a decade in Connaught Place {Delhi}, and she was always fascinated by readers in metros, in book shops & in cafes in CP.

‘One fine evening I spoke to myself in the most cliched manner,” One day people will have my books in their hands too.” and the journey to become an author hence commenced.’ She reminiscences.

‘I write to discover and sometimes to forget myself!’ she says.

On Writing

Neha has a full time job and she needs to balance her time. However, when you are passionate about something, you find time for that. She wrote during the most stressful times, as a banker, of demonetization.


What’s her process of writing?

‘Before writing a new story, I learn about the theme in detail,’ she says. ‘For my debut novel I learnt various aspects of psychology as it’s a romantic-psychological thriller.’

For her second book, which she finished this month, she used her banking experiences. She has already started working on her thrid book, which is going to be a love story between an astrologer and a travel blogger. ‘For this book, I learnt Vedic astrology in great details,’ Neha says.

This is a wise thing to do. And, learning is beautiful, isn’t it?

About ‘Was It Love’

It tells the story of Leila, a young girl, struggling with life and relationships; dealing with the trauma of a past life-event. She meets this dynamic, near-perfect Vikrant Rao via internet. He identifies her potential and offers her a strange arrangement to be her mentor. They eventually fall in love. Then, something odd happens.

Is Vikrant a villain or a victim of greed? Did he truly love Leila or was she just a puppet to reach his next victim?

The book is about Leila’s journey through emotions, trials, betrayal and the devil called love.

‘The story found me,’ Neha says. ‘In fact, all the stories that I have written or writing have somehow managed to find me passively or actively.’

Neha’s Inspiration

Whatever we do is somehow inspired by something. In writing, it could be people, any incident, a vision, favourite book or author or even a random conversation. What inspired Neha to be a storyteller?

‘My inspiration is Khalid Hosseini! My favourite book is ‘A Thousand Splendid Suns’. Also, Forty rules of love by Elif Safak is one marvellous story!’ as Neha shares.

Self-Publishing Vs Traditonal Publishing

She also talks about self publishing,  a medium that’s rising vastly. ‘Don’t self-publish unless you have  excess fund to market your book extensively,’ Neha says.

She is a traditionally published author, so here she talks about the advantage of being published by a traditional publisher. ‘Traditional publishers help you with their large distribution network, which is definitely a great advantage,’ Neha says.

Wise Words For New Writers

‘Write from your heart. Something you really believe in. Do not write keeping the market in mind. But when marketing your book {Which is an important part of publishing a book}, don’t be too sentimental, and think rationally.’ Neha suggests. ‘Don’t expect overnight success, no body becomes a Chetan Bhagat in a day. It’s a long journey, start it only if you are ready to face rejections, criticism, lows & much more before people start recognising you as a published author.’

Wise words indeed!

Author(s): Neha Sultania
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Release: August 2018
Genre: Fiction/Romance
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Tarang Sinha is a freelance writer & author of 'We Will Meet Again'. Her works have been published in magazines like Good Housekeeping India, Child India, New Woman, Woman's Era, Alive, and a best-selling anthology @ Uff Ye Emotions 2.

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