Congratulations on getting published !

We know, a book can become an excruciatingly long journey of writing, researching & obsessive editing. Followed by the struggle to find the right publisher, exploring ways to make your book visible and finally be able to sell it. So, this is your corner to share your journey as an author to thousands of our readers. Tell us about your journey so far, about your book(s) and your advice for budding authors.

You may want to start by reading some of our previous stories :  Here Or you can take a look at the questions below. Feel free to skip the ones you don’t like & elaborate as much as you want on the ones you like.

You – The person & journey as an author

  • Who you are? Tell us everything that describes you. Not a resume/job interview type you. Quirky you, Philosophical you . The author you. Tell us !
  • The classical question, Why do you write ? When and why did you decide to start writing?
  • How you do it? What is  your process like? Any funny little ritual or quirk that you may like to share? Do you balance it with a day job?  Then tell us more about it.

Your Book – Let’s get to know more about it.

Well this is very important you know why. So be creative, give our readers a peek into your book.

  • Excerpts, anecdotes or anything that is unique about the subject.
  • What made you write this book? Did the story find you or you found it?
  • What is the book all about? The genre, story-line, characters.
  • What do you think readers will love about this book?
  • If you have a body of work, tell us a little more about it. All or some of your books.
  • Your inspiration in writing. Or tell us about some of your favorite books & authors?

Your Advice – And finally some words of wisdom.

  • On Writing , Editing, Publishing, Self Publishing, Book Marketing. Any topic or idea that you think can add value to an aspiring author.

A little checklist, before you submit.

  • Do not worry about the word limit. We are there to trim it , cut it into 2 or 3 articles if required. Just let your words flow. But make sure you don’t get repetitive.
  • Do include the following.
    • Synopsis/blurb of the latest book
    • Cover Image of the book(s) (single face only)
    • A brief bio of not more than 4- 5 lines.
    • A nice, smiling profile image for you.
    • Links to your social media profiles

We look forward to have you in our Author’s corner ! 

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