Paradise At War Is An Excellent Documentation On Kashmir

Dr. Radha Kumar, the author of this book on the political history of Kashmir, mentioned: “Any discussion on Kashmir has to begin with history, however mythologized some of it may be.” So, the book starts with the analysis of the book “Nilamata Purana”, an ancient text from Kashmir which contains

Just Tigers By Jim Corbett is Legendary

The legendary British hunter Edward James Corbett needs no introduction. He was a hunter, tracker, naturalist, conservationist, and author. As a pioneer conservationist, he played the most important role in the establishment of India’s oldest national park Jim Corbett National Park in Nainital District. He was a colonel in the British Indian army

The Life Story of Qandeel Baloch Is A Study in Human Rights

Qandeel Baloch, I have never heard her name until her murder by her own brother became the headline of International media in 2016. Honour Killing, the medieval curse, still widely practiced in Asian subcontinent countries. One google search with the keyword Honour Killing will give a search result of hundreds of fresh reports

Jaya Jaitly Writes A Powerful Memoir Of Being A Woman In Indian Politics

This book is not only a memoir of Jaya Jaitly, it is also a documentation of last 70 years of the socio-political scenario of India. Since her childhood, the writer has seen the gradual transformation of India from British colony to an independent developing country. The book starts with her childhood experiences