I Write Only When I Have a Relatively Light Schedule – Ahmed Faiyaz

We’ve read a number of books that delve into the world of cinema, fashion, and sports. But there aren’t any books that throw light on the publishing industry and how bestsellers are made. Ahmed Faiyaz changes this situation with his latest book, Bestseller, a satire on how publishing works in

Research, Irrespective of Genre, is Integral to Writing – Anurag Anand

When you hear the name ‘Rajat Gandy’ and the word ‘assassination’ in the same breath, you are prone to thinking that this could be something political. And well-known author Anurag Anand, in his latest book, The Assassination of Rajat Gandy, takes an inspired name and brings forth a plot that

My Story of Bajirao is a Brocade of Fiction and Fact – Ram Sivasankaran

With the success of the second in his Peshwa series, The Peshwa: War of the Deceivers doing so well, Ram Sivasankaran is over the moon. As well he should, because his writing is captivating and borders on nostalgia. The man of the moment agreed to do a little write-up about

‘Elephants in the Room’ is a Transformational Journey – Suraj Laxminarayan

Suraj Laxminarayan and his debut novel, Elephants in the Room have been making the right kind of noise for quite a while now. With more and more people laying their hands on this book with every passing day, it is time we hear from the author himself what it’s all about