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A Dreadful Beginning – The Past Reveals It All is a story based on the 1993 Bombay blasts. Author Yashank Srivastava, who is a young ‘un pursuing his B. Tech in Footwear Technology, talks to us about his book and about his motivation behind writing this book.

Who is Yashank Srivastava?

For someone who is only starting out on a long journey, Yashank Srivastava is clear about who he is. His dreams are similar to those people out there who want to reach for the stars while their feet are planted firmly in reality.

“I am that same guy who lives on every street, desiring to do something big in life and hunting down the hidden talents within to prove himself to the world. Each time I pick up a pen, my brain automates itself in the universe of thoughts and stories. A little recently, I realized my strengths in writing which was earlier only a rough hobby. I write to dig out the characters and stories which are totally different but also try to connect them to people in a way they never thought would be possible. And I wish to give the world a different perspective of life. I also believe that everyone has their story and through my writing I try to voice them.”

About ‘A Dreadful Beginning – The Past Reveals It All’:

Yashank Srivastava’s debut novel is one of relationship set in the backdrop of the 1993 Bombay blasts. When asked to tell us a little something about his A Dreadful Beginning, he is quite forthcoming, though a little cryptic as well.

“What would do when the perfect moment for which you had waited for so long is snatched from you? Will you still dare to fight back for your love when you realize that your enemy is a part of the Indian history of terrorism?

Our protagonist Rihan, a normal college student, faces this situation. He falls in love with a girl but could never gain enough courage to express it. But one day, when he thinks he is finally going to shower in the purity of love, a dark past throws him on a trail of challenges to rescue his girl, Meera. Rihan’s journey to rescue his love unravels many dirty secrets and lies buried underneath the layers of terrorism. One question still remains – will he be able to save the one for whom he took on the challenge in the first place? Will he be able to digest the truth and be accepted to love?”

Advice for Aspiring Authors:

“I have a very small advice to my fellow writers, especially to those who like me are new to writing. Just follow your heart and try not to depend on anyone for your success. It is your success ladder which you need to climb alone. We are rewarded for our hard work only when we believe in them. Trust yourself and just go for it.”

About Yashank Srivastava:

Yashank Srivastava was born in Agra in 1997 and is currently pursuing his B. Tech in footwear technology. Yashank always had a keen interest in comics and factual readings. His favourite reads includes mythology, crime, and terrorism investigation. His first novel A Dreadful Beginning – The Past Reveals It All is written on the base of Bombay bomb blast of 1993.

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Author(s): Yashank Srivastava
Publisher: Notion Press
Release: 2018
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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