I Wrote to Cope With the Feelings of Emptiness – Vinita Srimal Garg

Vinita Srimal Garg, author of Kabir and the Silver Spoon talks to us about herself and her journey so far. While every story is the product of creativity, Vinita Garg makes it clear that not all creativity comes out in the form of a book.

A lawyer by education and a media professional by choice, Vinita Srimal Garg is an alumnus of St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata, and MICA, Ahmedabad. She lives in Kolkata with her husband Shashank and son Reyansh.

About Vinita Srimal Garg, the Creative:

Vinita Srimal Garg is a prime example of the Indian scene of creativity budding beneath the chosen education. Not every creative person can boast of following their dream, though it is obvious in today’s scenario that more and more people are bringing out their creative talent for the world to see.

Vinita, in a candid interview, tells us more about her life as a creative person:

“I have a background in media and communications. Although I am a lawyer by education, I have always worked in the creative side of media. From watching India’s most popular soap opera being shot in gigantic production sets in Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon, to working in the country’s leading radio station (Radio Mirchi), I have enjoyed my stint in broadcasting.”

Where It All Started:

Every idea has a little nucleus from where the eventual Big Bang takes place. Vinita Srimal Garg’s idea for Kabir and the Silver Spoon was no different.

“I gave up my job at Radio Mirchi after giving birth to my son. They are extremely supportive employers but I just wanted a break. The book happened while I was struggling as a new mother. Newly unemployed and with nothing to do with my mind or time, I would take my laptop and sit outside my son’s Montessori. I had a germ of an idea, but just the sheer act of sitting every day in front of the laptop ensured the story developed at its own pace.”

The Whys and Hows of Vinita Srimal Garg’s Writing:

Like many authors out there (even me), writing a book was Vinita Srimal Garg’s childhood dream. Years later, things worked out to the point where she did indeed write one and get it published.

“I guess it just fell in place when it had to. I wrote when I did to cope with the feelings of emptiness. It was a difficult phase – of letting go of a job I loved, of nothing to apply my mind to. The book kept me going mentally and emotionally.”

As to how she does it: “I usually work out of home, when my son is away at school or we have dropped him off at his classes. When he is home he demands my complete attention and it is tough to write with him around.”

Kabir and the Silver Spoon – The Genre and the Inception:

“I think the book is a cross. In some ways, it is magical and filled with adventure like your Enid Blytons or Harry Potter (in all humility cannot compare myself to the greats), and yet the setting is very Indian. I have also borrowed liberally from traditional Indian forms of folklore and oral storytelling.”

The Big Bang of ideas for Vinita Srimal Garg’s Kabir and the Silver Spoon has quite a cute story behind it, as the author explains.

“I was feeding my baby with this silver monogrammed bowl and spoon set. It bears my son’s initials and was a gift from my parents when he was born. Partly bored, and partly as a result of my over active imagination, I was thinking what if instead of my son’s initials the spoon had different words inscribed on it. Wouldn’t it be fun if the spoon and my son could speak with each other thus? So this really was the basis of the idea.”

What ‘Kabir and the Silver Spoon’ is All About:

“My book is the story of a young boy Kabir who while on a holiday to Rajasthan discovers a spoon which starts speaking with him. The spoon takes him on a magical adventure across several worlds. He finds himself slipping down an unused stepwell and into the magical kingdom of Jamwant. The people of Jamwant are looking for their stolen national treasure, the wish-granting tree, Tathastu. Will Kabir succeed in helping them? A palace of illusions, a river that sings, a bird that predicts, the dark underworld and several mythical creatures. Kabir, along with his friends, Latooriya and Nimki, will encounter them all.”

Kabir and the Silver Spoon, and obviously its author, Vinita Srimal Garg, have been getting love about how wonderfully written the book is. Vinita tells us about what she thinks is the reason people are reacting wonderfully to the book.

“Although I have written for a major part of my career in the broadcasting industry, this is my first book. And from whatever feedback I am getting – readers love the fact that it is fluid and easy to read and yet action packed. Also the fact that the book has large doses of adventure and magic adds to the intrigue.”

The Inspirations Behind the Author:

Reading is important if you want to become a writer. One cannot stress on this point enough. And Vinita Srimal Garg, shows in her taste, how a reading repertoire can shape one’s writing. Asked about her favorite books and authors, she concludes the interview by saying:

“Several, so just doing a top of mind recall. Jhumpa Lahiri, Jane Austen, Enid Blyton. I absolutely love the Mahabharata and read it every now and then. I also love the works of Ramdhari Singh Dinkar. His poetry moves me tremendously.”

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Author(s): Vinita Srimal Garg
Publisher: Mango, Imprint of DC Books
Release: March 2018
Genre: Fiction/Children’s 
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