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Hailing from the beautiful city of Dehradun, author Suraj Kothiyal is a mechanical engineer armed with an MBA in marketing. Five years of corporate experience later, he started his own construction firm that develops beautiful living spaces in Dehradun. In this interview with Writers Melon, he talks about his first novel, The New Dewtas : The Rise of Rudra that released last month, writing, and all the research that is part of a writer’s life.

Suraj Kothiyal – The Beginning of Writing:

The most important thing for any writer to bring into their writing is passion. Without it, it becomes just another piece of work. Suraj Kothiyal here, talks about how his passion for writing evolved over the ages, resulting in The New Dewtas : The Rise of Rudra.

“As a child, I had been writing poems in Hindi for my school magazine but the passion for writing bloomed when I started looking for doing something meaningful with my life. The love for poetry continues, and my collection of Hindi poems can be seen on my personal blog.”

A Day in the Life of Suraj Kothiyal:

“I start my day by hitting the gym. The rest of the day is invested in either constructing a beautiful building or constructing an exotic fable on my laptop – both supplemented by heavy doses of tea.”

How ‘The New Dewtas : The Rise of Rudra’ Came to Life:

“The concept of the book originated when I went to Bali for my honeymoon. When I returned from the scenic island, apart from precious romantic memories, the Hindu culture on the island had also given me an inspiration for my next book.

I started researching on the culture and history of Bali. This book is inspired by a popular folklore in Bali that talks of a Hindu saint namely, Maharishi Markandeya, who came to Bali from India and introduced Hinduism on the scenic island. The Balinese Hindu culture is full of mystical traditions that have never been revealed before in such a compelling story.  The history of island provided me the iconic characters of valiant Prince Erlangga and his commander Kebo Chiwa, who fought to rescue the island from the dark forces.

Many people get confused over the usage of the word Dewtas in the title of the book. However in Balinese, Devtas is written as Dewtas.”

Suraj Kothiyal – Works in Progress:

Suraj Kothiyal is busy with more work and is planning to bring out the next in the Devta series soon.

“I intend to continue the Devta series. The next book – The Digital Devtas, when Brahma logs in – is almost complete. As the name suggests, the next book revolves around Lord Brahma while this one involves lord Shiva. It will be a unique mix of sci-fi and mythology. My books are fast-paced action-based, with the main characters being cornered nearly every step of the way. There will be not a second in the book where the reader shall feel bored. They also include a deadly conspiracy or a threat that may actually be real.”

You can get in touch with Suraj Kothiyal here: Facebook | Twitter | Amazon | YouTube

Author(s): Suraj Kothiyal
Publisher: Leadstart Publishing
Release: 2018
Genre: Fiction/Mythology
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