Writing ‘Love Inc’ Was a Magical Journey! – Shuchi Kapoor

Romance fiction is a genre that is mostly loved by all of the reading community. Be it a public show of affection or a more hidden form of it, this love, fittingly resonates across and transcends geographical barriers. And it is what they say, isn’t it, that sharing love multiplies it? That’s probably the reason why the genre is bursting with authors dying to tell stories of love. One such author is Shuchi Kapoor.

In her first novel, Love Inc, Shuchi Kapoor talks about friendship, love, and a number of other, related emotions that are ready to overwhelm your heart. She talks to Writers Melon about Love Inc, her process of writing her first novel, and the feeling of completing a story.

Shuchi Kapoor and Love Inc:

Love Inc is Shuchi Kapoor’s first foray into writing romance fiction and she admits it was an emotional rollercoaster for her. This is evident in the way she talks about how it affected her and how she dealt with it all.

“By the time I was halfway through, the characters had started governing me into shaping their story. I breathed the same sentiments as Aaryan, Gayatri, and Nakul at various points in time while developing the book. Of course, there are snippets of my cultural inclinations and environmental sensibilities which crept in subconsciously and influenced the story. Overall, the journey was magical and I suffered major withdrawal symptoms by the time the book was completed!”

Emerging from Love Inc:

Sometimes writing down a story can sap the energy out of you and sometimes you’ll be left bereaved when the story is done. Shuchi Kapoor became the latter. Here she talks about how she countered the emotional withdrawal.

“To counter that, I started penning a blog on Facebook. It was supposed to be like a diary which held my beliefs, reactions and more. But as the blog and its followership grew, it morphed into a place/sanctuary which offers a vent to people who want to share their grief, celebrations, confusions, struggles and more. “Confessions of a Married Woman” receives love and attention from thousands of women across various countries.

The blog’s tagline says it all – I went looking for confessions – spicy, happy, naughty ones. Instead I found some people who are brave, intelligent, and sexy, and discovered their stories. These are my WOMEN!”

Love Inc – Developing the Central Characters:

When asked about how she developed Gayatri and Nakul, the central characters of Love Inc, Shuchi Kapoor sheds light on how she saw both and how her vision of the characters affected the story in general.

“Gayatri is my interpretation of a modern woman, one who is far from perfect, makes mistakes, causes confusions but perseveres in life, to find her identity and her love.

Nakul is the epitome of a near perfect son, amazing boyfriend, a loving partner but his biggest strength and weakness is his pragmatism. While writing the narrative, I wondered what if he had tried really hard, ignored the sensible side of his and doggedly pursued the one he loved – would the outcome have changed? I would always wonder, or maybe write another one for him.

In the end, it was Gayatri’s clarity of thought, which she gained after causing heartache all around, that decided which way would the story move ahead!”

Shuchi Kapoor – Talking About Boundaries:

The debate about the boundaries between friendship and love is an eternal one. Shuchi Kapoor gives us her take on this line between two relations/feelings.

“For me, the lines are fairly blurred between the two. I definitely believe that love is the extended version of friendship. Isn’t friendship also a way to love someone?

Having said that, I think when you are in love, you can definitely tell it apart from friendship. The sense of belongingness and the way two people fit is way different. If I were to give an analogy, think of friendship as another author’ book which you can totally relate to and understand. While love would be writing your own story.”

Battling Self-Doubt and Overcoming Mental Obstacles:

There is no one defining moment when a new author manages to battle self-doubt, overcome some major hurdles, and finally experience the rush of pride and glory. It is a constant process that takes in a lot of factors along the way. Here’s what Shuchi Kapoor’s journey looks like:

“The credit for that goes completely to my support system. It was the reassurance and constructive feedback of the few critical people around me through that journey which helped me make that leap from self-doubt to a quiet confidence.”

Managing Writing and a Formidable Job:

“I am a full time mommy and a wife in a nuclear set-up which is a herculean but fantabulous job!

I do not have a fixed schedule but I have made a promise to myself to write every day. It may be scribbling some new ideas for the blog or a new story or maybe continuing with what I am working on currently. That policy has held me in good stead till date!”

Advice for Aspiring Authors:

“Write the story which speaks to you, the one which consumes you, the one which doesn’t let you sleep or eat till it has not been penned down. It may not be the best story but it will bring out the best from you!”

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