Author Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh’s book – A Glance at the Unknown, questions life’s uncertainties with an interesting storyline

Sangeeta Shankaran Sumesh's book - A Glance at the Unknown

The starting point 

Ever since my vacation to Cambodia, I was moved on hearing the horror stories of the genocide of the innocent people in the killing fields and it left a mark on me. The large amount of skulls and bones that were displayed, triggered my thought process and got me thinking about the consequences of such violent deeds. I started wondering, why certain things in life happen the way they happen? At times, there is no obvious answer. And sometimes it is baseless, meaningless and defies logic. This went on my mind for a while and eventually got me to pen my thoughts. It is purely my interpretation of the possibilities of why life can be enigmatic. I have tried to provide a glimpse of what I think the unknown is.

A hundred day book authoring challenge got me back into action.

Although my visit to Cambodia was about two years ago, I had not started writing till Christmas of that year, which was nine months later. Like most people, after I started writing, for a couple of weekends, I got tied with my regular work and this lead to procrastination of the writing. I was always wanting to complete the story that I had commenced but never managed to catch up with my writing. And as the time lapsed, I had almost forgotten about my story and even the names of the characters. In the back of my mind, the guilt feeling of starting the book and not completing kept bothering me and telling me to action soon. But there was no much progress as I was sucked into the routine of life.

I realised I had to take this challenge up, as deadlines help in accomplishing targets else it might probably remain a distant dream. However, it was only after taking up the challenge did I realise that although we had hundred days in hand, the reality was, there was just about 60 days to complete the writing. The remaining time was meant for editing, cover design, printing etc.! I wondered how I would complete. I told myself I should succeed at it. Being hard pressed for time, but strong in my grit and passionate in my heart about my story, I devised simple mechanisms like multi-tasking to complete the task ahead.

Each morning when I would go for my walk or jog I would frame the plot step by step in my mind and try to pen them down before going to bed. Also weekends I dedicated few hours exclusively for writing in order to meet the deadline, thus giving birth to my book. And at the end of the hundredth day, my book was launched by TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Chennai in IIT Madras Research Park.

Now, that I have completed the book, I am indeed glad that I took this effort to write. It is always good to activate the right brain as well and venture into newer and unexplored terrains of life. I have also learnt that life will always be busy unless you take the initiative and efforts to prioritize whatever is important to you. Deadlines help in accomplishing faster than what you think. Only when you attempt, can you unleash your potential to the maximum.

The story line  

Sid is young, intelligent and dynamic. He wants to seek answers to his fathers’ untimely and unfortunate death. Revenge is what he seeks. He wants to get rid of the infamous goons the Veerargals, who dwell in the forests near Agamalai. To avenge his fathers’ death, Sid goes in search of the Veerargals to the forest. He wants to know why his innocent father was targeted. Was he able to seek revenge the he wanted and quench his thirst?

Meet Shiva, of Indian origin, and a top notch CEO living in Malaysia.  He is an emotional and egoistic person. While his professional life was at its peak, his personal life was at its low. This gets him very disturbed. Who was at fault? He wants to seek answers as to why his life panned out thus. Did he manage to resolve the conflict of his life?

Next is the runaway victim, Seema, who wants justice for her sister’s death caused by her sisters’ college mates. She is being chased by those college students as she has proof of her sister’s death, which was caused by them. And this proof would endanger the future of these students. Hence she is being targeted. Does she manage to escape from them? Did she also manage to get them punished?

Moving on from the city to the interior jungles of Tamil Nadu into a tribal village near Agamalai, lived the tribal chief Arasi, whose life has been struck by tragedy after tragedy, to which she seeks answers. Life has been cruel with her in snatching away her near and dear ones. Why was it so? Does she get the inner peace she was seeking?

Amidst them is also a bright person, yet a failure in life, called Saravanan. He is money-minded, sarcastic and strong emotionally yet he had decided to end his life. Does he succeed in committing suicide? Why was he running away from life?

As fate would have it, five strangers happened to meet each other unexpectedly in beautiful, lush green and scenic forests of Agamalai in Tamil Nadu. How did all these people meet in the forests of Agamalai? Was it destiny? What was the invisible truth?  You will know more when you read this gripping and fast paced story – A Glance at the Unknown

About the Author : Sangeeta is a Chartered Accountant and a Cost & Management Accountant by profession and is the Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer in a multinational. She is also an independent Director in a listed company. Sangeeta is fascinated by spirituality and is into Oneness and Art of Living. She is a seeker and explorer of life who is open to learning. She is also an enthusiastic traveler, passionate artist and is an Olympic distance triathlete. 


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Author(s): Sangeeta Shankaran
Publisher: Notionpress
Release:  March 2017
Genre: Religious & Spiritual Fiction
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