I am a Happier, Nicer Person When I’m Writing – Ruchita Misra

Ruchita Misra is an author who has made her mark in the world of writing romance and humour. While it isn’t easy to make people laugh, Ruchita has done so with an élan that evades many authors. We had the opportunity of interviewing this quick-witted bestselling author and getting some really interesting answers out of her.

Why Does Ruchita Misra Write?

The most common answer to this question is that writing gives the writer an avenue to unburden all their thoughts and emotions. But Ruchita Misra has a slightly different, albeit not unheard of take on why she writes.

“I have often thought about this and this is what I know now: I write because I cannot not write. I am a happier, nicer person when I am writing, so I guess, I keep on writing…”

How Ruchita Misra Mixes Humour in Her Stories:

Humour and romance are Ruchita Misra’s forte, as can be seen from her bibliography. While humour is a difficult genre to write in, Ruchita does it while she mixes romance into the fray. When asked how she does it, she had this to say:

“I love a good laugh and making people laugh comes naturally to me. I have never forced it. In fact, more often than not, I try and keep shut when there is a really bad joke about to bubble forth. Usually, I have a parallel track going on in my head and it is quite funny (at least, I find it funny). However, I have a demanding full time job, and a demanding 3 year old, so sometimes, these days, the humour is difficult to come by, but then on others, humour alone gets me through the day.

While writing a book, I let the story and the characters flow, so I am usually governed by them. However, now I try to alternate the heavy stuff with a light comical scene.”

Ruchita Misra – The Writing Pattern:

Starting to writing a book seems like stepping into a maze with no idea where to go. It is for this reason that authors usually have a plan for everything related to the story before they dive in. Not many authors wing it. Ruchita Misra is one author who knows what is going on in her story before she starts writing it.

“I have a fair idea of what issue I am talking about in my book when I start writing it. I also usually know a bit about my characters. My first draft is me basically on a fact finding mission. I start the story with one plot in mind and by the time I finish writing, I have different story at hand. But by the end of the first draft, I know the characters like the back of my hand. I know with absolute clarity what the book is essentially about and how I want to go about it. And then I do the crucial second draft. I have just finished the second draft of my 5th book, and pretty much rewrote the first 25 chapters.”

The Next Book:

“I think it is a simple story but an ambitious book. It spans generations and continents. And I think I have created my favorite characters. Loosely speaking it talks about what is right and what is wrong and who is to decide.”

Ruchita Misra – The Difficult Genres:

Once an author settles down in a particular genre, the readership finds it difficult to accept them into anything else. It is a rarity. But many have flourished and as we know it, many more are set to explore new genres other than the ones they have written in so far. Ruchita Misra is one such.

“My romances have been most successful, but I think the book I am working on will be my last romance for a while. I have always enjoyed fantasy fiction and crime. So perhaps after this I will pick up a new genre. Though, of course, never say never.”

Thoughts on the Importance of Reading:

“When I am writing, I try and read a book that is similar to the kind of book I am writing. That way my head, and the voice inside my head, speak the language as the tone of the book I am writing. I just finished reading Marian Keyes’s ‘The Break’.”

The Stages of Writing/Publishing:

When asked about which part of writing/publishing among finding ideas, finishing the first draft, getting a suitable publisher, and promotions was the most difficult, Ruchita Misra had this to say:

“For me, it is the promotions bit. I am so bad at it that it is no longer funny. I read somewhere that ‘bestselling author Ruchita Misra is difficult to locate when not releasing a book’ and that made me smile. I honestly have very little to say when not releasing a book and even when I am releasing a book, all I want to say is already in the book!

Also I am convinced I very boring and live a very uninteresting life in a very cold country- I really have nothing to talk about!”

Advice for Aspiring Authors:

“I think now is a good time to get published. Write a story that you cannot put down and have faith in it. Apart from that, I firmly believe, as someone once said to me, every book has a destiny of its own.”

Author(s): Ruchita Misra
Publisher: Harlequin
Release: January 2017
Genre: Fiction/Romance
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