‘Seductive Affair’ is a Modern Take on Classic Romance – Rishabh Puri

Rishabh Puri is here with his latest offering, Seductive Affair that might seem like a steamy romance. And it is. But underneath it all lies the story of a strong, independent woman who isn’t afraid to choose her happiness. To watch a woman going for what she wants while being pressured by her fiancé to quit is something that brought me a lot of satisfaction.

Talking about this story, his writing process, and all things writing is author Rishabh Puri.

How ‘Seductive Affair’ Came To Be:

While every story takes its time to develop, the reasoning behind it doesn’t take as long. Rishabh Puri tells us about how this story came to be and why he chose it in the first place.

“I wanted to write this book to tell a story from a woman’s point of view – I thought it would be an interesting new challenge to write something from a different narrating character. And I chose the romance genre because a lot of great female characters have come from there, and I built the story around that. I wanted to develop something modern and engaging that allowed me to explore a strong female character in an in-depth, emotional way.”

About ‘Seductive Affair’:

Seductive Affair is the story of Prisha Khatri, who has just broken it off with her fiancé and is raring to go career-wise. She is instantly attracted to her senior who seems to avoid her at all costs. But then they have to go on a business trip together. With the title and the premise, one can only imagine what happens next.

While this is the front that the story projects, the author Rishabh Puri gives us more insight into the characters and the plot.

“The book is part-romance, part-thriller, with elements of classic drama and sensuality in there as well! I don’t want to give too much away about the twists and turns of the plot, but I wanted to look at the clash of old and new, both literally through industries like technology and journalism, and more metaphorically with the exploration of old ideas versus new notions, especially about the place that women hold in society. I also wanted to write a leading man who was far removed from the traditional alpha-male types who populate a lot of romance stories, and create someone more emotional and relatable.”

What Makes ‘Seductive Affair’ Loveable:

Readers usually find a USP in a book and specifically love the book for it. Rishabh Puri tells us what the USP of Seductive Affair is and why people will love it.

“I think they’ll enjoy the modern take on the classic romance genre, as well as a leading woman character who I hope they’ll find relatable and likeable. It’s also a deeply sensual romance that engages a wide variety of senses and ideas, more so than my previous work, and I think readers will love this seductiveness – it’s in the title, after all!”

Rishabh Puri – The Writing Process:

During the course of this interview, we find out more about how organized Rishabh Puri is as he writes his books. Here’s what he had to say about his writing process:

“I like to plan my books first. And make sure I have a really good grasp on my characters and how they will change over the course of the story. I like to have an idea of where they’ll begin and where they’ll end up by the end of the book. When it comes to the actual act of writing, I make sure to work at it every day – whether it’s a few sentences or a whole chapter, I like to keep the momentum of the writing process going to make sure I don’t lose the thread of the characters or arc.”

Describing Rishabh Puri’s Bibliography:

“If I had to briefly describe my work, I would say it’s driven by emotion. I like to explore what drives characters, and how their pasts intersect with their present to create conflict.”

Advice for Aspiring Writers:

“If I had to give any advice to people who wanted to write, I would tell them to do it every day. Even if it’s just working on story ideas in their head on their commute to work. Think about plot, characters, sentences, turns of phrase, that excite and interest you. Don’t try to write what you think the industry wants – write what interests you and what sparks your passion. Writing is a craft, not an art, and it takes work to hone your tools, so you need to make sure you’re practicing on things that you love!”

Author(s): Rishabh Puri
Publisher: Srishti Publishers
Release: July 2018
Genre: Fiction/Romance
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