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With a title as intriguing as A Girl, a Stolen Camera and a Borrowed Bike, Nikhil Singh Shaurya has taken the first successful step into the world of published writing. A young author who is still studying, he has an understanding of writing that will probably put many older people to shame. In this candid interview with Writers Melon, Nikhil Singh Shaurya opens up about himself, his writing, and about his debut novel.

Who is Nikhil Singh Shaurya?

Nikhil Singh Shaurya is a third-year M.B.B.S student and a research scholar. He loves to try to do new things and has an interest in science and music, though he has a much better introduction than we do.

“I’m a Schrodinger’s cat. To know if the cat is living or not you have to open the box. To understand me, you need to leave your boxes. I am a student of M.B.B.S and a research scholar. People call me a jack of all trades as I do a variety of things that entertain people. For example, singing and acting, but also traveling, which is one thing that is a personal joy to me. Writing is something that isn’t chosen by me. I feel writing chooses you. Like many other artistic things are expressed by different artists in different art forms, writing is used as my inner expression.”

Nikhil Singh Shaurya – Why Writing?

Some people are great at having verbal conversations. Some others are more prone to resort to putting words down on paper until they form an opinion. Nikhil Singh Shaurya falls in the latter category. This is what he had to say:

“Verbal answering looks very impulsive to me, more of an action-reaction type. While I’m a good listener and listen to a variety of opinions or what I see I perceive, I feel it deep down to imbibe it in my senses. It’s quite a complex procedure and until I make my opinion out of something, no one is there to listen, so I write. Writing is thus a camera into my mind. All the characters are somehow a version of myself, some explored some desired and some who I myself fear to become.”

Writing – The Inception:

When asked about when he actually started writing, Nikhil Singh Shaurya had a very deep answer for us:

“I started writing way back in my school days. However, finding a stable career was a major breach to enter into a serious and channelized writing. My diary writing was for the purpose to be read by anyone or everyone. That helps people around you to understand inner you. Because you can lie to someone else. Can you do it to yourself?”

The Process of Writing:

Every author follows a routine, a process as they write. It may be their writing schedule or the way they build their story. Here is how Nikhil Singh Shaurya does it:

“Imagination helps me write. I create people, places, and situations. Switch them with other characters, try new things on them, and change them. I mean, if I’m sitting idly you never know if I have sequenced a whole scene in few minutes. After trying multiple such plots, I finally decide what to write. But nothing is permanent in writing. If the future plot demands more drama, I surely move back to shuffle things a little. It sometimes feel like creators, moving back and forth in time, twisting and tweaking the past, present and future.”

Nikhil Singh Shaurya’s Definition of Writing:

“Writing is not a writer or author exclusive thing! You don’t need to be influential or mystic or knowledgeable to be an author. You need to be yourself to be able to hear what your heart says. Yes, language plays a role for you to become a readable author but that’s just a homework before starting to write a book.”

The Inspiration Behind the Debut:

A Girl, a Stolen Camera and a Borrowed Bike is about breaking norms and setting yourself out of your comfort zone. Trapped in our jobs and the riddles of life, we often think about escapes. Many-a-times, we get thoughts of running away on a solo trip, to take a deeper breath and calm our souls.

Sonali, the protagonist of this story, and a doctor, is one such person who comes across a camera, which fuels her with amazing pictures. She decides to give up her profession and encounter uncertainties. To experience challenges, solo travel may bring her across.

The genre of the story is travel, fiction and adventure. The readers certainly love an out-of-the-box concept and an unplanned trip to anywhere which brings Sonali across different kind of people who shape her journey, ideologies and even life.”

Thoughts on Publishing:

“Publishing is a tricky thing, don’t jump into it. My philosophy in life was jumping in the river to learn swimming. Publishing can be as critical as jumping into an unknown river without having safety measures and without knowing the depth and speed of the river.”

Advice for Aspiring Authors:

“My advice would be to extensively take advice from knowledgeable people in this field, reading various books, to talking personally to authors to as much as homework you can do before publishing. It’s like making lemonade – the more you add sugar, the sweeter it becomes. Likewise, the more you put effort, more are the chances of write and publish a bestseller. I believe delayed gratification could be beneficial for budding authors rather than getting lured by the self-publishing companies and fall prey to their money making system.”

Author(s): Nikhil Singh Shaurya
Publisher: Notion Press
Release: May 2018
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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A former IT professional, Sonali gave up her cozy job to pursue her passion : writing. She is currently a freelance writer and an author. Her first novel 'Of Knights and Lillies' has released last year. She is working on her second work of fiction, a novel that revolves around travel and self discovery. Sonali's dream is to travel the world and write her own travelogues that will inspire travelholics. While she is not fantasizing about travelling the world and being a full time content writer and author, Sonali is also busy being a poet, booklover and reviewer, music lover and a full time grammar nerd!

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