My Inspiration for Writing Will Always Be the Readers – Khayaal Patel

Author Khayaal Patel, with his debut novel, Tarikshir, is creating quite a buzz among the Indian reading community. It being a mixed bag of different genres and emotions as well, Tarikshir seems to be a brilliant first novel slated to turn a page to a bright future for the author. In this candid interview with Writers Melon, Khayaal Patel talks about Tarikshir, writing, and his inspiration behind this book.

Talking About Khayaal Patel:

When asked to talk about himself, Khayaal Patel echoed what many readers might say when asked this question.

“There isn’t much to say really, I’m pretty boring as a person I think. I generally prefer the company of books to people most of the time.”

Khayaal Patel – How the Writing Began:

Many an author, when asked about why they started writing, would have an answer that you would probably have heard before. In stark contrast, Khayaal Patel comes out with a refreshingly different answer on the outlook:

“I began writing because I had read too many books which had disappointed me and I hoped to have filled that gap. Being a 90’s kid, all of my books have and will be influenced by the movies and books of the time. I now write because of all the love I’ve received from readers and I want to keep giving out stories which do not disappoint.”

Tarikshir – The Inception:

Adding multiple dimensions to a story and weaving them together so that they don’t feel out of place is the magic that writers have been using for ages. And when Tarikshir started, it didn’t have all the elements that Khayaal Patel didn’t yet know it needed.

“It (Tarikshir) started off as a typical historical mystery and then as it went on, the fantasy elements were added because the book seemed too one dimensional at the start. Prince Rudra is none of us and all of us at the same time. He is new and averse to responsibility and only beginning to learn of the nature of the world around him and the fantastical mythological creatures that co-exist on earth.”

Tarikshir – The USP:

Every book has a reason why it should be read. Tarikshir has multiple reasons and elements that support it. Khayaal Patel explains why you’ll love this book in just a few lines.

“It’s got a mixture of everything; a murder mystery at its core with elements of action, adventure, fantasy and a little bit of romance swaad anusar. It’s got the Ramayana and Zombies in it as well. And if this is the first time you have heard both of those words together in the same sentence, you should read TARIKSHIR. You will love it, I promise.”

Khayaal Patel – Authors and Inspiration:

“Rene Goscinny and Herge were the legends. They got me into reading and thus by extension, into writing. My inspiration for writing is and always will be the readers.”

Tarikshir – The Sequel:

While successful books touch the heart and awe us, many make us wish that there was more to it. You don’t have to wish for Tariskshir, because according to the author:

“Hopefully, the sequel will come out in 2019. It’s in the editing stages at the moment. There will be a total of four books most likely, I’ve written the final paragraph of the final book now it’s just the journey to get there.”

Advice for Aspiring Authors:

“Don’t ever stop! Even when whatever you think you’ve written isn’t up to the mark. In the end, the first draft doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be written.”

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