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Jasmin Waldmann is an international life coach currently settled in Gurgaon, India. With her unique style of life coaching, Jasmin looks to transforming the lives of people according to their wishes and goals. Her book, Change Me, came out earlier this year and talks about the common man and holistic fitness rolled into a fictional story.

In this interview with Writers Melon, Jasmin Waldmann talks about everything from what exactly life coaching means to her journey in publishing.

Who is a Life Coach?

While this term is being thrown around a lot in this age of digital modernization, the full meaning of it isn’t really clear. Jasmin Waldmann defines the term ‘life coach’ and why it and the person who defines it could be a great place to start if you need a change.

“A life coach supports you to get from point I Am Here Now to point This Is Where I Want To Be. She or he helps you reach your goals or helps you understand and find your goals and achieve them. A life coach will help you clear your mind of clutter, overcome your challenges, focus on your goals and create opportunities so that you can become the best possible you.

Remember, however, that a life coach is not your shrink who will solve your psychological problems and prescribe medication. A life coach deals with who you are at this moment in time, empowers you with personal development tools and techniques to help you make some significant and permanent changes in all areas of your life.”

When Should You Approach a Life Coach?

“You must get in touch with a life coach if you want discover who you really are, get to know what you want from life but somehow cannot find the right stepping stones to success; or your beliefs are holding you back; or if you can’t pinpoint a goal; or you notice that your life is a big mess financially, physically, emotionally and professionally; or you realize that you struggle to make decisions, or you find it difficult to deal with your stress and anxiety and feel that there is no hope at all for you, yet deep down you believe that you can turn this around but with a little nudge from someone.”

Teaching Without Preaching:

Jasmin Waldmann, as a life coach, put in some wonderful ‘teaching without preaching’ in her book, Change Me. She talks to us about how she came up with Amit Malhotra, his need to change his life, and all of her techniques that helped him do so.

“Most of my clients are in the same age group as Amit and most deal with similar issues. It occurred to me that there are many people out there—women and men from all industries and walks of life—who are stuck in a rut, but they aren’t able to help themselves out of it and are gradually sinking into depression. I thought a book would be a great way of encouraging people to learn from the book in their own way, also to seek help and understand that they can reach out to life coaches and achieve the life they desire.”

Jasmin Waldmann – The Writing Process:

The writing process for Change Me was simple, reveals Jasmin Waldmann.

“The process was quite simple really. Once I had decided that the main protagonist would be someone like Amit, I noted down some typical talks in life coaching sessions, also the issues people have once they start physical exercises and change their diet. Also, relationship problems usually go the same old way—arguing, trying to convince, and ending up in fights.

After noting down those issues and barriers, I noted down how I would go about helping him overcome those. After that, the story sort of wrote itself!”

Jasmin Waldmann – The Journey:

Jasmin Waldmann, the creator of the JaWa diet, tells us about how she took stepped on to the publishing path.

“I wrote a book “Pilardio” in 2009. However, it was never published. Years later I wrote an e-book on the JaWa diet, which I had created in 2008. It talked about how to follow your own instincts and understand about your body and emotional needs. I enjoyed the process of writing and putting down my thoughts and eventually releasing it to the world. It was a nice journey of self-discovery, too. You could say, I caught the writing bug from there!”

Growing Up:

“As a child, I didn’t read. I was always busy in exploring the world myself, rather than reading about it.

I started reading when I started my self-discovery, at the age of 20. And I recently enjoyed reading Letters from a Stoic by Seneca, Nelson Mandela’s Long Walk to Freedom and Conversations with Myself, some books by Robert Kiyosaki, Alice Miller’s Drama of the Gifted Child: The Search for the True Self, Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis and The Castle, Viktro Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning, the list goes on…

I have no favorite authors, but I enjoy reading books that deal with the human mind. And I also like autobiographies and inspirational books. I feel each book has its own purpose and outcome for the reader. While food is for the body, books feed the mind, so just like my diet, I follow my instincts when choosing books. Besides, I am changing as a person, so what I read also keeps changing.”

Motivation From Jasmin Waldmann:

“My message to everyone really is to lead your life to the fullest. The key word here is “lead.” You have to lead your life, take ownership, only then can you achieve what you want. There is always motivation of Change, you just need to look around and within yourself.”

Author(s): Jasmin Waldmann
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Release: January 2018
Genre: Non Fiction/Personal Development
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