Author Interview : Yashodhara Lal

Author. Mother. Marketeer. Not always in that order . 

Her first book ‘JUST MARRIED, PLEASE EXCUSE’ was largely autobiographical, and the new one ‘SORTING OUT SID’ has a 36 year old man who’s going through an early mid-life crisis. 

Her sheer enthusiasm and the ability to fire others up with it too is a trait that she cherishes the most about herself. Mother of three, and our #SuperWomanWriter (2)  is YASHODHARA LAL. Here is a candid and refreshing conversation with Priyanka Roy Banerjee . 


PRB: How would you describe yourself as a woman? What are the traits in yourself that you cherish?

Yashodhara Lal : As a woman – or as a person in general – I’m extremely multi-faceted and passionate about pursuing everything I love. I know that life is about choices, but I’m willing to try skimming the surface of many things while going into the depth of one or two fields. The trait I cherish most about myself is my sheer enthusiasm and the ability to fire others up with it too!

PRB : Any weakness that you would like to rectify in yourself?
Yashodhara Lal : I’m yet to win any awards for being calm, centered, patient and unemotional. I’m thinking I may cool down when I hit 40, but that’s still a while away, so I think I may need to figure out a way to be less sensitive in the meantime.
PRB : Did you face any hurdles in the process of being a published writer? How did you juggle your daily job with writing?
Yashodhara Lal: There are always hurdles when you’re out to accomplish anything worthwhile. I wrote my first book while nursing my twin sons, after a complicated pregnancy and two surgeries. But it was a wake-up call for me and I’m so glad for it in retrospect. I had trouble managing a full-time corporate career along with raising 3 children and also writing, so I’ve moved to part-time consulting opportunities now which seems to be working better, at least for the moment. When the kids are a little older, I may choose to step up the corporate work though. For now, I’m exploring and finding my balance. I think it’s important to make choices and give up some things, even though I’d like to have it all!
PRB:  How do you perceive your male characters being a woman writer?
Yashodhara Lal: I start out with nothing but ideas and observation; the character evolves somewhere around a third into writing the book, and then takes on a life of his own. I think that’s the nicest part of writing fiction – being able to develop convincing characters that have a mind of their own. I’m not sure how it happens, but it’s a great feeling especially when people ask ‘How on earth did you do that? Get inside a guy’s head so convincingly?’

PRB: Your message for thousands of women aspiring to be successful writers.

Yashodhara Lal: Please, read a lot. Don’t be amongst those writers who proudly proclaim that they don’t have time or the inclination to read. It’ll make for better writing, I promise. And secondly – don’t think too much, just go ahead and do it. 
Self-editing too early will kill your books – finish that first draft and then go back to the beginning. 

Be prepared for a lot of crap on the way; and for it to be so worth it in the end!

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