Author Interview : Vikrant Khanna

If you love writing, read a lot, write a lot, and just don’t quit writing.” Says Vikrant Khanna, author of ‘Love Lasts Forever.” 

Read what our fellow Melonite Geeta Nair could extract from the sailor turned author. 

Q. Tell us your journey as a writer – the start, the inspiration and the hurdles encountered on the way.

Vikrant: Being a sailor, I have all the time in the world, both literally and metaphorically. Once during a long voyage crossing the Pacific, I thought of giving a shot at writing, since I have always admired the art of good storytelling. The first draft of my first book was completed in that one month voyage. That is what fuelled my interest in writing. But those days I never thought of getting the book published, it just happened!

Q. How much has your career as a sailor influenced the plot of the story?

Vikrant: I wanted to write a story of a sailor with the piracy element. But that in itself wasn’t a concrete plot.

Those days a friend of mine, also a sailor, got married to his girlfriend of seven years. They were the ideal couple for marriage. “This is exactly how a couple should be,” we all would say before their marriage. And a month after the marriage, we’d say, “This is exactly how a couple shouldn’t be.” 

And then I knew I got my idea!

Q. A few authors whose works have influenced your style of writing.

Vikrant: Agatha Christie, Sidney Sheldon, Stephen King, John Green, Nicholas Sparks.

Q. Your wife’s first reaction when she heard the plot/read the manuscript of ‘Love Lasts

Vikrant: Honestly, she could relate to every part of it, and she loved it.

Q. Have you ever experienced the fear of pirates on your journey over the waters?

Vikrant: Yes, once. While passing Gulf of Aden, we’d heard gun shots sometime late evening. In the morning we came to know the ship ahead of us in the convoy got hijacked. We were lucky we narrowly escaped it.

Q. How did you feel on the day your first book was launched: elated, nervous, edgy…?

Vikrant: Utterly satisfied, not at all nervous.

Q. Your greatest critic.

Vikrant: My wife.

Q. Do you read your reviews and respond to them, good or bad? Do you take the negative reviews with a pinch of salt?
Vikrant: Good reviews don’t help much; it’s the bad, constructive ones that actually help me to improve my writing. But I respond to all of them.

Q. Given a chance, with which author would you like to co-author a book?

Vikrant: Perhaps Sidney Sheldon or Agatha Christie. I know they are not alive, but hey…even if they were, I wouldn’t have got a chance to work with them.

Q. And to wind up -“Do you think your love can last forever…..?” Any message for budding writers?

Vikrant: Absolutely, love can definitely last forever.

My advice for budding writers would be to not get into this field if you do not completely love writing and if you cannot dedicate 3-4 hours every day to reading and writing. But if you love writing, then read a lot, write a lot, and just don’t quit.



An ex- banker, Geeta Nair attended school in Kanpur (UP) before moving to her home state Kerala to attend college. An MA, MPhil in Hindi Language and Literature, Geeta loves to play with her little grandson Atharv and narrate stories to him, some known and some cooked up on the spur of the moment. An avid reader and bibliophile, Geeta loves to play with words, pen haiku, poetry and short stories. She is a passionate book reviewer too who blogs at and

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