Author Interview : Shraddha Soni

As they say, some writers find stories. And some stories pick their writer. Shraddha Soni is that writer.

What do you get when you add dyslexia, years of observing how gold melts to welcome precious stone, and an aversion to words, to a jack-of-all-trades-school-dropout? A writer! One that gets into your mind without you realising that she’s actually drawing you out.

A closer look at the story behind  all that conspired the making of this book, lead to a rather “philosphical” conversation with the author Shraddha Soni. Read on….

I Am Life” Indeed is a different book. It is a journey of self discovery. It also happens to be your first book .So tell us when and why did you decide to write this book?

I am a regular beach walker, and I love that time as that is the time I connect with nature and in turn with the Great Spirit and my self. A year and a half ago on a routine evening walk, and my communion with the Great Spirit I saw this story in a flash of a moment almost like a movie. I had never set out to be a writer, this story compelled me to write itself.
The same evening when I saw this story is when I set out my search for the author for it. I messaged all writer friends asking if anyone wanted to become an author of a book. To make it simpler for the author I even put it out on social network asking, ‘Any idea how does one write and publish a book?’ In a week, I had a publisher and an offer which I did not sign thinking that I will pass it on to the author. The story had started to live within me and I couldn’t handle the noise. So just to shut the clamour and make it easier for the author (the one I was looking for) I started typing out points on my blackberry and mailing them to myself. Months passed and no author in sight, disappointed and at the verge of calling my publisher and confessing that I can’t write I called my friend who I was marking all mails to. After a patient hearing, she said I will mail you something and ended the call. She mailed me the entire story that I had typed out across the months. I did not even know that I was writing and the book was happening.
Sid, the protagonist in the book is a very relatable character. Beaten up by life, frustrated and a lost soul. But his journey in a way is quite unique. So does the story have reflections of your personal life incidents as well? If yes, how?
I have been on the path of self discovery from as long as memory permits, so the path itself is not new to me. I am a cynic and a believer and I have to bridge the two with logic, so in that sense I am Sid. I have had all the same questions as him and in a way our experiences are also similar. I have always believed in magic and am awestruck with life. When you connect with life, mystical experiences become a part of your everyday life.
The philosophy presented in the book is packaged in a very lucid way that might work really well for the modern day readers, but at the same time may not appeal to readers of serious philosophy. What do you think?
I believe in simplicity, and philosophy is simple. Just by writing it in a convoluted way and forcing the reader to decode it takes away the point one is trying to make. Only when serious philosophy is made simple, does it become easy to apply in our day to day living.
It has something for everyone. Sid is a regular guy and there is a Sid in everyone. We all go through the same challenges and the same quest, just packaged differently. I would say, it is a book for everyone including the non readers.
Finally tell us how has been the journey so far in the Lit world. And what are your future plans?
Fabulous, I have received a very warm welcome into the Lit world. Future plans as of now, I have one more story to tell and hopefully by the time I complete that I will have another !
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I am Life By Shraddha Soni is the book “In Focus”.


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