Author Interview : Manreet Sodhi Someshwar

A history buff, creator of a super strong female protagonist  MEHRUNISA and author of one of most clutter breaking & refreshing book of this season –  THE HUNT OF KOHINOOR .
A candid, super quick twitter chat on Women’s Day, gave us a sneak peek into the beautiful mind of author MANREET SODHI SOMESHWAR – our  #SuperWomanWriter (1) ! 
So what is her secret?
What really makes her writing so fine and her fictional / fantasy characters so adorable? Particularly the strong “Female” protagonist Mehrunisa…What really were – “The Greys Behind the glossy cover
Over to you Manreet ….

I like to believe writing chose me, not the other way round. Here’s WhyI Wrote The Taj Conspiracy, my 3rd book and first book of the Mehrunisa Trilogy.
I guess you could say I have a mind of my own and that comes across in my writing. I juggled being a new mum, when I started out. I see myself as a full-time writer & a full-time mum, no breaks from either !
My inspiration to write fiction that delves deep into “History” is because , I am a total history buff & wanted to create a character who’d solve contemporary mysteries using her deep knowledge of history. And that is how Mehrunisa was born.
Now, Mehrunisa being a woman is part of my feminist agenda! 🙂  I wanted to create a strong role model for young women and girls. And I hope I am able to achieve that.
What is my secret? Well there isn’t any .. really !
With the number of books being published, breaking through the clutter has become tough. Like any other consumer market. I was clear , that I didn’t want to go the self-publishing route, & I wanted a publisher with whom my book would be in good hands.
At the end of the day , the work that comes after writing is equally challenging. You have to put in the effort, if not the money. Build presence on social media, do book readings, meet book retailers and engage your readers.
Years and Years of rejection ….  The route to publishing is not for the faint-hearted.
But before all of that, comes the actual writing. Something, which requires discipline and stick-to-itiveness, without the prospect of immediate remuneration.
Writing is truly A Labour of Love! 
THE HUNT OF KOHINOOR is Book2 of the MEHRUNISA trilogy after THE TAJ CONSPIRACY. It is  a spy thriller set in the tangled Ind-Af-Pak triangle featuring the kickass Mughal scholar MEHRUNISA.

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  1. A book with a woman of substance as the main character.Ah! that sure is something to look out for. I certainly would love to read and review this book on my blog. Hope I get a copy of the same.

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