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From collecting feathers to spiritual awakening to enlightenment and sharing the wisdom. She has surely come a long long way. Writer , Artist , Spiritial Healer, Trainer, she manages multiple roles with utmost sincerity and dedication. As a team of avid book lovers we most often come across books that have interesting stories , larger than life characters and loads of “learning”. This author has swayed us with her “Wisdom”. Something that is believed to come by age but not always. 
Presenting the author’s journey into the world of books and  few more drops from the ocean of knowledge and Angel’s wisdom. #SuperWomanWriter (7) – Mani Goel. 

Q. So, do you still gather feathers? Each chapter of your book has a picture of a feather followed by the name of the chapter. Does this have something to do with your childhood hobby?
Ha ha…I don’t gather feathers now unless it is a very special one but I keep seeing feathers all the time. Seeing feathers on the road, etc. is a sign of angelic beings around us and angels connecting with us. The inner layout with feather picture was designed by my creative team who felt it would give our readers an angelic feel as they turned the pages of this book. 
Q. Tell us, what inspired you to write the book?

 In one word- Angels.I have always written since early childhood and was working towards the completion of what ‘I thought’ would be my first book- A complilation of humorous essays through my travel experiences all over the world. However, I found myself unable to write it and around the same time and to my bewilderment, I started running into people who were spiritual teachers, healers, clairvoyants, etc. who would tell me- you have to connect with Angelic Realm and write spiritual books. Or something to the effect of, “ Angelic Beings are trying to connect with you to help you write your first book, please do not doubt yourself, there is a lot of spiritual information that needs to come through you”. This was several years ago and needless to say I was overwhelmed and stunned upon experiencing something so bizarre ( at the time, it seemed bizarre) but this kept happening, until one day, I relented, meditated, created a new book folder, and started to type. Words began to flow and in a matter of two months, I had almost 25 chapters written, enough for two volumes.
Q. Angels Wisdom for your life – a very unique title indeed! How did you come up with the title?
When I first began, I didn’t know what was happening but the words kept flowing and in the middle of this rather other worldly experience of writing my book, I also stumbled upon the title. It just came to me and I now realize why? 
My book is essentially a complilation of spiritual messages dealing with practical issues and subjects we all face or ponder over in our daily lives such as – marriage, money, anger, love, purpose or meaning of life. It also includes topics such as –forgiveness, luna energy, indigo and crystal children etc- that provide us with an undertsanding of the world from  a subtle and spiritual perspective and thus inspire us to make positive changes in our personal lives, eventually creating a positve change in the world. 
When we change, the whole world changes. This is the genesis of the very straightforward title of my book, which essentially provides us with-  Angelic Wisdom for Our Lives –as the title suggests, in order for us to lead happier, peaceful lives enriched with more meaning, fulfillment and greater understanding of life as it presents itself to us.
Q As a writer, do you think that Indian youth is ready to read books on spiritualism, angel therapy and past life regression or it is still an ‘untouched and unexplored’ subject .
The answer is Yes! I think the youth and the young are  ready, willing and interested to read about such work. Often the youth go through a process of trial and error in trying to figure the direction of their lives, their life purpose or overcoming their emotional, physical and other issues.

People are ready for a change irrespective of their age and are receptive to spiritual information that can be applied for the betterment of their everyday lives. I think today’s youth are already quite interested and intrigued by the concept. A lot of youth in India belong to the – Indigo and Crystal generation- mentioned and written about in my book. They are born
with a sense of purpose, gifts of clairvoyance and desire to change the world.

As children we all love fairies, angels and magic partly because are minds are still fresh and we have not yet fully given in, to social and family conditioning. Angels are a part of human physiology and beyond religion or faith. 

Spiritualism is not far removed from practical lives, actually in recent times, it has become imperative to imbibe spiritual principles in our everyday lives for us to live better, more fulfilled, healtheir & happier lives and with greater confidence. 

Q You have mentioned that you were able to see guardian angels and other spiritual guides around people. How will you explain these to your readers?

We all have spiritual guardians and angels around us. But we forget this turth or lose our faith in their divine presence due to our social conditioning. In ancient times, people were very aware of divine or cosmic forces around them. But as we have become more materailistic, we forgot about or overlooked our inherent spiritual connection. Spiritual guides or guardian angels  are potent spiritual energy forms who are here to help us so that we can have peaceful and happier lives- our guardian angels are literally a gift from God to us. We have spiritual guardians around us based on our own spiritual advancement, thought process and affinity. 

So someone who has felt an attraction towards angels since early childhood is most certainly connected to the angelic realm. Someone who feels a connection with Lord Krishna or Lord Jesus for example regardless of their faith will certainly have their presence around them. 

So my last thoughts , 
Keep writing and honing your skills. Stay humble, grounded and build your community. 

The author has very active social profiles on Facebook – Mani Goel & Angel’s Wisdom for your life as well as on Twitter – @manigoel888. Has a collection of inspirational quotes , glimpses of her paintings, events etc. 
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