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Manhattan is almost like Mumbai!
When the Ganpat Gang migrates, they choose a place  where their particular professional skills will be tested to the limit — where else in the world could that be, but Manhattan? While the story is about their personal lives, the place they choose to be based in is all about their ambitious career choices. That is what defines who they are.
The Book , “Manhattan Mango” works at different levels. While the bromance between the three buddies is central to the narrative, their love lives too take up a huge chunk of the book. I personally would not be able to write about love —romantic love —  if it didn’t include friendship as well.  The two are interlinked, especially if you were to take a long-term view.
Here is a WOW conversation with the author Madhuri Iyer who has recently penned down a Chick lit that packs a punch !!! “Mango Manhattan” – A straight-from-the-heart story about friendship in Manhattan. 

M :  So , Tell us what is the easiest and most difficult part of authoring a book?
Madhuri Iyer : Writing is the easy part. It’s the fun part too. The hardest thing, for me, was working on the publicity. I’m not very digitally savvy, so the social media and stuff like that is a challenge.
M :  Any inspiration that led to writing? 
Madhuri Iyer : I do not get inspired and that is the truth. I’m very mundane.  I’ll be working in the kitchen or taking a walk, and I might get the seed an idea. The nurturing of that seed, fattening up that idea, is a long-drawn process. I believe that process is also called perspiration!
M: Tell us one thing for which the reader must pick your book.
Madhuri Iyer : I’m sure different readers will pick up different things from Manhattan Mango. That’s great. Although the book is a light-hearted read, I’ve tried to sneak in some larger messages —  gay rights, concern for the environment, and an acceptance of other races and cultures. If any of this resonates with my readers, I’m really really happy. 
M :   What does your bookshelf comprise of? 
Madhuri Iyer : My bookshelf has everything under the sun. My husband picks up the books, online mostly, and I get to read them first. 
M: Any tips for the authors- to- be who have a story brewing inside.
Madhuri Iyer :Tips for authors-to-be? Who am I to offer tips to anyone? But I’ll tell you how I go about it.  I’m not scared to write the first cut even if reads like a load of rubbish. I don’t try to copy anyone, ever. I look at life around me,  look within myself, take a deep breath, and go!
M :  Rohit Roy wants to adapt your book into movie. How excited are you for the Bollywood adaptation and if you had to decide, which actors would you cast to play roles of Neel, Shanks and Shri?
Madhuri Iyer : Rohit is excited about the movie option, as am I. Almost everyone who’s read it mentions that they totally see it as a movie. It’s early days to talk about casting but what might be exciting is to involve the readers. They could poll their preferences, and maybe we’ll go by the vote — now isn’t that a great idea? Why not do it on your website?!!</ o:p>
M: Congratulations for the great success of Manhattan Mango. Its raked in great fan base already.  
Madhuri Iyer : Thanks for the acknowledgement! I’m delighted with the response, particularly because readers are relating to the characters like they are real friends. 
—– Interviewed by M
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