Author Interview : Ismita Tandon

“I am deep, as I am shallow, strong as I am weak, brave as I am afraid. The ebb tide and flood tide; I am the confounding ocean, Its fury and calm, wave and tsunami. Unknown to myself, I am much more than just a writer, a poet. “
This is how, “A lesser known poet”; Ismita Tandon introduces herself.
Romance, mystery and thriller being her forte, prose is the only job she claims to know and poetry the only passion she claims to have ! Presenting our #SuperWomanWriter (3) ISMITA TANDON. A candid conversation with our in house bibilophile – ” M “

M: How would you describe yourself as a woman? What are the traits in yourself that you cherish?

ISMITA : I’m no different from any other woman, be it a friend or a stranger, a member of the family or an acquaintance. On the surface, our dreams, goals may appear different but they are not.
Each one of us is full of great courage, depth, beauty, an immense capacity to nurture and just as many flaws. In this constantly changing world, we are all evolving at our pace. And I, for one place resilience above every other trait. It’s this unique, resilient spirit of an unlettered woman that makes her an entrepreneur, an abused women stand up for her rights, and a single mother cleans other people’s utensils to give an education to her children. The stories are endless and so is their courage.
M: Any weakness that you would like to rectify in yourself?

ISMITA : Without weakness , without fear, what will you label as strength, as courage?  Our imperfections are the measure of our success, the great inner battles that we conquer, fail, time and again.
M:  Your message for thousands of women aspiring to be successful writers.
ISMITA : Dare to put your most powerful emotions, feelings on paper and see it assume form, shape of a story that’ll not only surprise the reader, but the writer too. Hidden in every writing is the turmoil, struggle and flame in which a writer burns night and day.

All successful writers are dreamers, at least, I’d like to believe so, for a book is first written in the head and then thrown on paper like colours on canvas, coming together as one beautiful work of art.
Readers can get a glimpse of her last two books – LOVE ROCKS and THE JACOB HILLS . And here is a blurb of her next book. 
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LOVE KILLS ” is a thriller, love story, and a family saga set in the hill town of Monele where men drink themselves to murder and death. It is the story of a family and of one woman’s machinations that rend apart lives and hearts. At the centre of this tale are Johnny and his alcohol de-addiction centre, ‘Thy Will,’ where addicts are brought by their families for de-addiction and rehabilitation. ‘Thy Will’ employs debatable methods to treat its resident addicts but ensures that they return to their loved ones in good health and spirit.
Johnny heads ‘Thy Will’ with a team of doctors and other employees, including his half-brother Zac and the mysterious Sera, beautiful, in love with Johnny, frustrated at his lack of interest in her. Johnny’s interest lays elsewhere, in the seductive, intelligent and attractive Mira, daughter of the wealthiest man in Monele and a finance whiz. The characters and the setting prepare the stage for a series of crimes that include deaths and two grisly murders. Looking for clues through the maze is Officer Ray who resurrects his suspicions regarding Johnny’s ethics and plausible murderous rage.
Who are the killers? Is it the deep Johnny, under the scanner for his father’s death, or somebody with a stake in the killings and in ‘Thy Will’? Whose child does
Mira carry at her death? Johnny’s, Zac’s, or the irascible Azan’s? All fingers point to Johnny, except those of Zac and Sera. Will he escape conviction or lose his life’s work at ‘Thy Will’? Will Sera and Johnny come together? Will Zac and his mother Adele get hold of ‘Thy Will’? Will Officer Ray unravel the various strands of this mystery? Will Johnny get the family he subconsciously desires?
Or will an overriding sense of guilt prove to be the final arbiter of lives?
The story throws up as many surprises as it does thought provoking questions about life and living, love and loss, loyalty and betrayal. Does one control one’s destiny or does life and its twists and turns lead us along unexpected avenues that determine how we live and love?
“Love Kills” unravels through a series of unfortunate accidents that test its characters’ mettle and loyalty to their thoughts and principles. Aunt Adele has only one aim in life—to get her son his fair share of the property Johnny manages. Having lost out to life, she will do anything to achieve her life’s ambition. Would that include murder?
Sera wants to marry Johnny and become mistress of ‘Thy Will’ and his life. Could she have killed Mira to fulfill this ambition?
Zac should hate Johnny for being all he could not be as their father’s unacknowledged offspring. Can he take revenge?
Is Azan’s love for Mira greater than his humanity or whatever is left of it to him?
Can Johnny feel jealous enough to kill? Whatever the motives and feelings of its characters, “Love Kills” takes us up, and then down, the path of love, loss, retribution and death.
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