Author Interview : Arnab Ray

Quirky, peppy and crisp – that’s Arnab Ray for you, on Yatrik and much more. In a chat with our melonite PRB
Q. Let us begin with the most predictable question – Yatrik is your third book. Do you like it more than the other two you’ve written?

I would like to believe it’s better-written. If I don’t improve with every book, where is my own personal “Yatra”?

Q. You own one of the best and oldest blogs as an Indian. Did you want to be a fiction writer ever?

All the time. The blog was merely a beginning, a “May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss” to the world. It was my blog that got me my first book deal. So purpose served.

Q. Your first book was non-fiction, a compilation of your blog posts (May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss). How did the journey towards fiction begin? How did you conceive and write The Mine?

Always wanted to write fiction. I would have made “The Mine” my first book but I knew it was a commercially risky book, way out of my comfort zone as well as of Indian readers. Hence went with the safer option of MIHYAP. “The Mine” was conceived backwards, first the climax then follow back. Same as Yatrik. I prefer conceptualizing that way.

Q. Why Yatrik? You’ve dabbled with satire in your blog, psychological horror in your second book, and now a generous dose of philosophy and introspection in Yatrik.

I wanted to write a book for my daughter. Something that captures what I believe about life. The Mine was too extreme and violent and I dont want her to read that before she is eighty years old. 🙂

Q. How was your experience writing Yatrik? Has it changed your life in any way, made you more introspective, may be?

Rather I would say that a change in my life (becoming father) made me write Yatrik. I dont think some of the emotions expressed there would have come out the way it did had I not been a father.

Q. Your message for budding writers.

Write a lot. Read more. Don’t write what everyone is writing. You are unique. Bring your unique voice on to paper.

The book is available at : Amazon and Flipkart .


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