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After 7 years of corporate citizenship, dissatisfied with following other people’s agendas, Arjun Shekhar decided to begin his own venture. He is the founder of Vyaktitva, an organizational development firm that works with companies, NGOs and individuals to bring out true element of their character.

His book, End Of Story?, is a thriller that features questions as chapter headings to run through a plot featuring an unemployed journalist’s experience with subliminal advertising

Our in house Bibilophile “M” – takes up a one on one with the author Arjun Shekhar. From start to finish, a story which seems too good to end ? 
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M : I quite liked the question mark at the end of the title. I believe it does also asks – “Do stories actually end at the last page or there is more” ? I would love to know the Authors’ intentions behind it.
A.S. You have caught my intent perfectly. Orson Well’s quote that i use to introduce the second part of the novel says it well – “Whether a story is sad or happy, depends on where you end it.” 

A story carries on well beyond the pages of a book or the teller’s words. In fact, a story is something that tries to capture life in small packets and life never ends because everything is connected and one thing leads to another.

M: “end of story?” is a well-constructed thriller. As a reader, I must say that the plot and the characters of the story have been crafted very creatively. What did you have in your mind when you started conceiving it?

A.S. I wanted to write a story about stories. Using a kind of mental judo, I wanted to write a gripping thriller that makes us wonder about the structure of stories themselves. 

M: The novel’s protagonist Shukrat Ali, a news anchor of Khulasa news channel sets an exciting mood right from the first page. Anyone in real who inspired you to etch this unique character?

A.S. Now that would be telling woudn’t it? I did study a couple of tabloid channel anchors for the character sketch and some of Shukrat is autobiographical but large parts are imagination too.

M: Each and every chapter of ‘END OF STORY?’ leaves a quest to know more. Also the dark humor turns sharp and vicious at times. To what extent do your stories have a reflection of you?

A.S. I guess all i can say in my defense is that i bring myself fully to everything i do. And in doing so, i bring my own character into the way the novel is written. I always believe the author is a meta character and through the characters and their meanderings, the author is actually revealing his own hidden secrets of the mind to himself and to the readers. 

So as a person, I not only visualize vividly but i make meaning beyond the face and body of a person very quickly. You might say i have the bad habit of jumping to conclusions about how the character might behave by looking at him/ her. So i write in visuals of characters with a lot of detail and thought.
Other things i bring to my novel is my own penchant for having my tongue mostly in my cheek, which turns sharp and vicious once in a while (as you point out), and, of course, that hurts my cheek more than anybody else. But that style imbues the characters and descriptions, reflecting who i am – the invisible meta character in the novel.

M : Lastly, tell us what made you an Author? 

AS : Writing to me is both a reflective process to clear my own head and a form of communicating those messages to the world but the key is to do it indirectly, in the sub text, rather than in your face. I believe people don’t like others talking at them. 

Like in a practical joke, I hope my novels create an experience from which emanate the words. Words that remains with you because you have been as much a part of constructing them. 

According to me, the owner of the story is the listener. Not the teller. I would encourage writers to remember this and tell your story indirectly, make the reader work with you rather than serve everything on a platter.

— Interviewed by M 
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end of story? — By Arjun Shekhar  is the book “In Focus”.


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