Author Interview : Aditi Mathur Kumar

Thoda life mein spice ho jaye? 
Two glamorous ladies posing with a super spicy book ! To hum kaise peeche rahein? 

Our sleepless bibilophile “M” takes up a spicy conversation with Aditi Kumar Mathur ; author of the newly released book  Soldier & Spice . Over to you “M”…

M: So tell us, how spicy is life right now?

Aditi Mathur Kumar: Haha, this is a good one. Life is as spicy as it can get with a hyper active toddler. …I wrote the book when I was pregnant! My daughter is my lucky charm, obviously. My parents and husband are incredibly proud of me and nothing could top that, right?

M: ‘Soldier and Spice’ : The title is both catchy and intriguing…Give us a peek into the genre, theme, characterizations and plot of the book.

Aditi Mathur Kumar: Well, the title is a combination of two most important things in the story – the soldier and his wife that’s the story’s spice, so to say. I hope it works for the story.
The genre is Fiction / Humor. The central theme of the story is the grand and mysterious Army wife life, and the characters are all Army wives, officers and soldiers – only, the main character Pia is a complete civilian turned Army wife and the story is about her first year in this new, almost foreign world, and it follows Pia’s (mis)adventures, experiences and struggles while she learns to be a perfect “lady” (readers will know what that means if they’ve read the book!)

M: The character of Pia is well etched. She is wholesome entertaining and I loved the righteous attitude of her all along.  Your take on the army wives and their spicy life comes as a fresh and unique package, tell us who is Pia ?

Aditi Mathur Kumar: Pia is a regular girl, really. She can be anybody, I think. She worked with a TV channel briefly before getting married, she is independent and quirky. She loves gossip (who doesn’t?), fusses over what to wear, makes friends easily, is uncomfortable with bitchy women but hates any sort of unpleasant conversation and confrontations. Pia’s quality, however, is that she is a warm and real person and I think this is what makes her so relate-able.

M: All through the narration, I loved the free flowing, fun and frolic, endless sequence of activities in the life of army wives. How much do you relate with it? We would love to know if there is a personal reflection in any of the characters.

Aditi Mathur Kumar: The Army wife life is definitely very busy, but it is also a lot of fun. But what makes it interesting is the fact that an Army wife’s life is very different from that of a regular civilian. The story touches a lot of such “different” situations and events that people outside the Army would never experience. I mean, where else would you see an Etiquette Class?   Yes, there is some personal reflection, Pia does face a few situations that I did – but most of it comes from the stories I’ve heard from all the fabulous fellow Army wives that I’ve met.

M: So, finally describe the book ‘Soldier and Spice’ in one sentence and give us five reasons why it deserves to be a part of our bookshelves?
Aditi Mathur Kumar: Soldier & Spice: An Army Wife’s Life tells you the tale of the silent ranks, the brave women who stand behind our soldiers, and gives you a peek into the grand Indian Army Wife life – fully equipped with fun, laughter, pride, duty, friendships, a little heartache and a lot of growing-up.
Sorry for the really long ‘one-sentence’, but it justifies the long title of the book! 

Reasons why Soldier & Spice should be a part of everyone’s bookshelves:
1. Because you haven’t read anything like this before – about an Indian Army Officer’s Wife and her magnificent and mysterious life

2. Because – Pia. You can’t miss to know a girl who is as real, as warm and as relate-able as her. (even if I say so.)

3. Because – Arjun. Because we all love an army man who is hot and adorable at the same time

4. Because – you will learn how them ladies do it in the fauj. “Show” snacks, play Tambola, indulge in some welfare, prepare for a splendid Ladies’ Meet, never abuse, forget the F-word and be ready for anything. Literally, anything.

And finally,

5. Because – You will want to read it again. And again. Trust me on this one. 

We would love to hear your preliminary thoughts as a reader. So do drop a line..

— Interviewed by “M” 

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Soldier & Spice: An Army Wife’s Life By Aditi Mathur Kumar is the book “In Focus”.
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