Writing Has Been An Inexplicable Thing for Me – Girish Krishna

Fantasy has always been a genre to experiment in. Anything is possible in a fantasy world, which is why we have the word ‘fantastic’. More and more experiments are emerging, written by authors who have a knack for bringing into focus the larger picture. One such author is Girish Krishna. He is the brand new author of the fantasy novel, Mystical Warfare of Schools – The Dark Rises.

In this interview with Writers Melon, Girish Krishna opens up about his debut novel and everything that goes on in his mind writing-related and otherwise.

Girish Krishna – Debating the Inexplicable:

For ages, Girish Krishna has been debating with his own mind. Call it nature or call it habit, but there’s an obvious outcome of this debate that helps him make decisions.

“There is always a debate between what rules a man’s life. Is it will or is it fate? Is it his risk-taking ability or the direction chosen by universe? During my entire life, I have been strongly supporting on one side or the other. Every moment I chose the side, I know for sure that the selection was made after passing the test of my belief. But then, I come out utterly shocked when I changed my stand as I found all my beliefs and reasoning skills have changed sides. Writing has also been one such unexplainable thing for me.”

Girish Krishna – The Writing Journey:

Girish Krishna wrote his first book about four years ago – a book that has seen the light of day only recently. Behind the scenes of this hard work are anecdotes and history that will interest you to read.

“Four years ago, when I wrote the book which I am publishing now, there were a lot of incidences and different activities which I witnessed. There are also inextricable links in my childhood that led me to write a book. I grew up in a pious middle class family, one that gave importance to popular traditions and beliefs. I feel very gifted to have been born in such a family.

As a child, I did well in education, a routine that didn’t excite me a lot. The things that excited me lay hidden in a bookshelf. Books which appeased readers from childhood to old age lay there. I started reading Panchatantra stories but I also tried reading the Bhagavad Gita. The complex concepts of atma and paramatma made me float along with the book in the fantasy world.

I realized that fantasy and anything that deals with subtler aspects of life excites me the most. During the period of discovery, I have done a lot of things in my life which I deemed very logical and grounded. At the end of the day, river finds the ocean. This was true for me too.”

The Inspiration behind the Writer:

Girish Krishna likes to be entertained by a number of genres. It is this variety that brought him the inspiration to write a story.

“Being a science fiction movie fan, I have watched a lot of movie series like the Terminator, Harry Potter and Back to the Future to name a few. I like reading books from a lot of genres like science, philosophy, mythology and self-improvement. Plus, the word ‘different’ brings the image of ‘Steve Jobs’ to mind. I read his book and a couple of books by other entrepreneurs. And I found their persistence and tenacity to accomplish something even after a lot of failures amazing. I admired their grit and passion.”

Beginning the Journey:

An author’s journey is not a uniform one. Instead, it is unique to every author that wants to put their thoughts into words. Girish Krishna is the same. He went through self-doubt and overcame it to actually complete writing his book.

“I was struggling to find expression but I wasn’t without hope. Despite my feelings of self-doubt and social acceptance about my creativity, I stuck to faith and opened my blank MS Word. Words started pouring in and I didn’t plan chapter-wise. The collection of paragraphs ended and I named it as a chapter. The words stopped, the paragraphs ended and so did the chapters. A book was written. It slept in my laptop for four years.”

Reviving the Passion:

“A few months back, I decided to relive my passion and hence, I published the book through Notion Press. The book’s title is Mystical Warfare of Schools – The Dark Rises, the first in a series. It was released on 9th November and is now available on all major ecommerce websites.”

About ‘Mystical Warfare of Schools – The Dark Rises’: 

“This book is about a student who has strange dreams which no one understands. With friends’ support, he goes to a hidden place near the Ganges and discovers various mystical and magical phenomena which can’t be comprehended by logical brain. Will this student Jake, discover his purpose? Will he implement it in the real world? You can journey along with him to the land filled with mystery and find the big answers to his questions. This is just my first book. This is just my beginning.”

Parting Thoughts:

“I feel I have a lot to contribute in writing wherever subtler elements are involved; wherever irrational and fuzzy concepts raise their ambiguous heads. Remember the debate I said that goes on in my head? For now, I believe with enough conviction that it is the destiny written by Him.”

Author(s): Girish Krishna
Publisher: Notion Press
Release: November 2018
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
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