I Let the Story Flow Unhindered in my First Drafts – D S Pais

D S Pais, a veteran of 9 books, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry, is now out with their latest romance novel called Matters of the Heart. In this brief but informative interview with Writers Melon, D S Pais talks about the writing process, the bibliography, and about handling work and passion.

D S Pais – The Journey as an Author:

Talking about writing and how it all began, D S Pais has a precise reason why they were propelled toward becoming an author.

“I think I have always been writing. In my younger days, I wrote my stories short and was writing poetry and as I grew, I felt the urge of putting my dreams into reality and thus my journey started as an author.”

D S Pais – Why Writing?

Readers always have a tiny bit of curiosity as to why authors write. D S Pais here talks about their reasons, which is most likely true about every author out there, even if subconsciously.

“I write because there is no better way to express boldly than by writing. By conversation, our thoughts might get biased based on whoever holds the stage well. But by writing, we create the stage and we direct the action that happens on the stage. Thus writing gives me the platform required to express myself at my very best.”

The Writing Process:

D S Pais has a writing process that is pretty simple. And the explanation behind it is also as simple as that.

“When I do my first draft, I let the story flow as it is without doing much of the research required. However, for subsequent drafts, I add in the detailed notes of my research to make my storyline stronger.”

Juggling Writing and a Full-Time Job:

“I spend five days on my day job working in IT, but I write every night after work. A day in my life would be, managing my job during the day and in the evening between my Pilates exercises, scribble a few lines on my computer. But on weekends, I tend to get more time to do the same.”

D S Pais – Bibliography:

“Till date, I have written ten books and one of them has recently become #4 among the bestsellers on Amazon Australia. These include non-fiction, fiction, and poetry.

 matters of the heart

My latest book, Matters of the Heart, was published in November. It is a story that talks about chance encounters and how they can change one’s life.”

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