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Who is Ashwini Dodani?

An MBA by qualification, Social Media and Branding guy by profession and an optimist with a liking for words. As a professional in digital and social media, I have constantly observed, handled and created content for brands across categories. When not creating awesome content for the internet, I usually prefer reading non-fiction books, learning guitar, exploring newer music artists or penning down thoughts.

Why do you write?

It feeds my soul and keeps me grounded. Writing has always been one of the most important things in my life, not just because it keeps me sane but it brings out the best of what I feel in words, emotions and experiences.

What made you write this book?

Poetry is very personal to me. I started writing almost 7 years ago and the very first poem I wrote was on a piece of paper. Eventually, I got into the world of Blogging and the writing never stopped. After years of writing on my blog, 100’s of poems, the next step was to reach out to a wider audience and that marked the thought of taking my work to the next level.

About the book Savoir Faire

The book is all about experiences. Poetry is not unknown to anyone. The book contains 40 selected poems I have written over years in my diary, website and much more. The uniqueness of the book is the simplicity of the language and the way it strikes a chord with anyone who is reading the book. I am sure you will relate to most of the poems which have derived from day to day experiences.

It feels like yesterday with all those butterflies, anticipation, nervousness and excitement to announce my very first officially published poetry book. Snap back to reality, 1st December, 2016 marked the first anniversary of Savoir Faire: Do the WRITE thing – the first collection of poems which consists forty poems embracing into various situations of life.
The journey has been fantastic, my aim was to establish myself as an author and reach out to as many people through the emotions I convey in my poems. There are so many times we can’t put into words what we feel and go through and while I can try and do justice to my own emotions, I feel I can connect to a whole lot of people who can relate to these instances.

What do you think readers will love about this book?

Anyone who has the slightest of love for poems and emotions will definitely love the book. It is an anthology, page after page it will want to make you create visuals in your mind and touch your heart a little more. I would want to know more from the readers on how they like it.

Do you balance writing with another day job? How do you do it?
Yes, it goes without saying. One is for the stomach and another is for the soul. I feel we can make time for what feeds our heart and it’s not really difficult when you are passionate about something.
Is there a writing schedule you work with & how do you deal with Writer’s block?
Writer’s block is a mind game. When you can pick up a random thing around and write about it, I think you are never going to face this block. However, there are certain phases in life when you will not be able to sit down and write consistently and it’s perfectly okay. Taking a break from writing will give you more space to gather inspiration and energy. A good vibe, a change of environment and good music is everything that takes to get back.
If you have a body of work, tell us a little more about it. All or some of your books. 
Inspiration, also known as a muse for poets can be found everywhere in life. May it be a leaf, a dustbin, a stranger, a friend, a cloud, a stapler pin or maybe a wrapper of chocolate. I observe things. I feel things. And then the flow never stops. Every writer has a unique style of writing and for me, it has always been about being honest and raw.
Your advice to aspiring authors: on Writing/Publishing/Self-Publishing/Book Marketing
The first step is to believe in yourself. Rest everything will follow,  trust me. If you know you want it, you will make sure it happens. Do not go by how it does or how many people like or dislike it. The key is to get out there, get more exposure, reach the right target audience and wait for the feedback. In the back end, be more experimental and keep failing.
[ttshare]The more you fail, the more you have the chance to succeed. Just don’t stop.[/ttshare]
Ashwini’s favourite books and authors
I think Robin Sharma has been one of my favorite authors for how he inspires to change your perception towards life, to keep moving on, to be optimistic and self driven.
My favorite poets consist of Pablo Neruda, Sylvia Plath, Rumi, Gulzar and Tyler Knott Gregson. They all have a unique way of writing and expressing but one thing common in all of them is that they are fearless and passionate.
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