Arvind Parashar believes if you have a story, it needs to come out

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Who is Arvind Parashar?

Arvind Parashar has worked with corporate companies like Dell, Genpact and GE in senior leadership roles before he quit his corporate career to pursue his passion of writing.

In his own words

If I have to sum myself in a few words, I would say, I am a man of many words. Mostly lost in my imaginary world, I try to put that on a piece of paper, ink it, make a writing of it. As an author of two books and the next one in the making, I wish somehow my mind could be read, and transported in the form of books. In fact, my mind and heart is a reservoir of so many stories that I know I won’t be able to write them all in one lifetime.

Why do you write?

Writing is a passion. It is the stirring of millions of thoughts and feelings that need to come alive in the form of stories and therefore I write. I also write because I don’t want the readers and book lovers to be devoid of those stories. My books hopefully leave a positive impact on the readers. I truly believe if you have a story, it should not be lost in the confines. It needs to come out.

About the book

‘Messed up! But all for Love’ is India’s first romantic-thriller trilogy and this thriller revolves around the life of the protagonist Niel and his wife. They are a loving and doting young married couple, living a life of comfort in posh suburban Gurgaon. The book deals with various aspects of relationship and phases in life that most people experience and connect to. The book takes readers on a rollercoaster ride across various destinations around the globe.  

What is your inspiration for writing? Do you follow a writing schedule?

There is no fixed rule to the way I write. Honestly speaking, I always end up changing the plot during the course of writing and you would find the final book quite different from my initial synopsis. I do give a couple of weeks’ break in writing the crucial parts, so that the writing is more evolved. And yes, I write practically everywhere – laptop, notepads, tissue papers and at times on the palm when I get some thoughts and I can’t find any paper to jot it down. The writing experience is almost like Nirvana.

In my real life too, I wear many hats just like the characters I depict. Except the vamps and the villains, I can say with ease that I represent the protagonists or even close to essay the roles of their friends. I am barely a villain. Unless, it is about sharing chocolates or cheesecake. Ummmm, hard to resist. And ofcourse my black coffee. I believe this is what keeps me active at even 4 in the morning. The hours when I write are dark. Since I love to travel and meet people, i build that influence in my writing. I am otherwise a quiet person, yet a man of many words when it comes to writing or talking to my friends and fans. I am an ambivert soul.

Tell us more about your work. How do you deal with writer’s block?

I have been writing for a long time. Since my school days. As a kid, I did publish my poems in newspapers and magazines. When I grew up, I joined corporate world and then after few years of break, I took writing again. That led me to take a career break and focus on it full time. I finished writing four books during that time before resuming my corporate life again. Two books have already been published.  I enjoy writing thrillers. My first book was a spy love thriller and now it is a romantic thriller trilogy. I do take out time everyday to write next books and also revamp the existing ones. Balancing is not as easy but it isn’t impossible either.

Every writer goes through writer’s block. And every writer overcomes it too. All it needs is patience and efforts.

You must read books during that phase. I also recommend you to watch Hollywood movies. Both the aspects must relate to the genre you write.

Arvind’s favourite authors

Ruskin Bond, John Grisham, Nicholas Sparks, Ashwin Sanghi and Frederick Forsyth are my favourite authors.

Your advice to aspiring writers

It is certainly a dream for any writer to get the work published. At traditional publishers, the rejection rate can range from 95% to 98% and hence it is not easy. Whereas in self publishing, it is the author who needs to take care of the editing / typesetting/ proof reading et al at their end. Whatever it is, being an aspiring writer making a place in the literary circle, if you get your work rejected by traditional publishers, you need not lose hope. If you don’t hear from publishers, get it self published. Bestsellers- Robin Sharma, Ashwin Sanghi and Amish Tripathi also had to go for self publishing.

Interviewed by: Pooja Bhardwaj

About the author

Arvind Parashar the author of ‘Messed up! But all for Love is also a philanthropist and a motivational speaker. He has addressed students and corporates across the country during various sessions and literary festivals. Arvind is a crusader for education and support for intellectually disabled children. This is a cause for which he has widely worked for over the past few years. Profits from Arvind Parashar’s book ‘Messed up! But all for Love’ will go towards supporting Spandana Rehabilitation Centre in Udupi. Arvind also is a painter and enjoys painting in his spare time.

You can connect with Arvind at his Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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