Anon By Bhavani Iyer Is Mesmerising and Inspiring

It’s not everyday that this kind of book comes in my hand.

This book is a masterpiece and to say it is the author’s debut is an understatement. As the blurb says, the book is about two souls who are totally different from each other in status as well as in every other aspect. But what brings them together is their passion to write and they get into a healthy but very inspiring competition.

Just after reading the first two chapters, I was mesmerized. The way the author described things and the way they stimulate your intellect. Do you know what makes a book beautiful? It’s not the story actually (at least for me), it’s the way it is interpreted. The way the words flows flawlessly, totally on the mercy of the the writer. And that’s what happened here. The words created their own magic and brought back those feels, those magical moments for 1970s-80s that are nowhere.

There are many beautiful moments in this book. One of my favourite moments would be the description of Deb’s mother or a glimpse of her character at the start where he found her admiring a bird. That moment really touched my heart. Actually Deb’s mother’s character is a judgemental one, like those for whom you can’t decide if they’re are like this or that. But well, here too I applaud the author as she wrote all of her characters at the total mercy of the reader.

The pace of the book is slow and steady. I like that. I really like to feel the flow and not to jump on things. Though I wouldn’t say things might get a little, tiny bit of boring at some point but they’re totally worth it. I am a cover page lover and I was attracted to this book’s cover at one sight but, after reading this book, I think it could’ve been more. A more profound one.

It’s been a while since I read this kind of book which brought me back to the time where I used to read many regional books. I can totally imagine this book as a serial on Doordarshan. Actually, as the author is already a screenwriter why not try to put it on screen too (That is just me, though – a fangirl’s imagination).

Now the main question is – why would I recommend this book? Do you need more to make up your mind? Well, then this book is witty, hilarious, filled with lots and lots of individuality, a little love, more fights (healthy ones), beautiful scenarios, and passion. You’ll also get a glimpse of Kolkata in 1970s-80s and get inspired too. Overall, a great one with lots of humour, feel of an old era and entertainment.

About the author:

Bhavani Iyer is a screenwriter who has written several Hindi films and television shows. She lives in Mumbai with her boyfriend, three dogs and a cat. Anon is her first novel.

Author(s): Bhavani Iyer
Publisher: Fingerprint Publishing
Release: May 2018
Genre: Fiction/Contemporary
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