An Auspicious Date by Vikrant Singh

Love is in the air, almost all the time when it rains. Isnt it?
Here is a short piece by Vikrant Singh  for the ongoing writing prompt #Raindropsonpaper.
The drop parted from cloud and set out for earth beneath. A long but an eagerly awaited journey started. Time to serve its purpose of very existence had come. Unable to bear the sight of ruined lives and dying crops, clouds stayed. They had held back the rains for a long time hoping someone down there would come to help but nothing of that sort happened.  The clouds thought to pass by but the grim sight of farmers, crops and life beneath made them to stay. Mother Nature could not wait more & let first drop start its journey towards Earth. Cool wind started to blow, indicating villagers of the good omen.
As rain proceeded towards the dry fields, the village children started enjoying the cool strong wind that was blowing with oncoming of monsoon. Getting drenched in the first rain was something they wouldn’t miss at any cost. All villagers of Sirangpur as well as adjoining ones were out in the fields to welcome and enjoy the divine omen of prosperity and life. It was close to evening and the village priest was already in temple. Preparation had begun for evening celebration in order to thank the Devis and Devataas above, for this much needed grace in form of rain. Their life which was full of gloomy days and anxious sleepless nights will soon be back on track. Monsoon had arrived and it was time to celebrate. The incoming rains ensured that days ahead would be prosperous and happier to live by.

The sight of life below became clearer. As raindrop got close enough, the bright smiling faces of villagers became visible. The drop knew that there were lives dependent on him and seeing the condition of fields it knew that it was bit late. The crops were joyously swaying in wind like a classical dancer dancing in tune to music, lost in the oneness with the art itself. The wait would be soon over. The drop was slowly nearing its end. It would lose its existence as it would fall on the ground and ensure a new life for the people below. It was unaware of the fact that a story awaited to make the drop immortal. The entire village crowd had by now gathered in the temple and the pooja was about to start. The conch was blown and temple bells sounded. The bhajan-kirtan started and rain was in full flow, drenching the village in a new life.
Aman sat in his balcony, facing the Juhu beach. The weather forecast predicted a light to medium drizzle. The sun was setting and the clouds indicated that it would shower. It was a Saturday evening and next day was a holiday too. Being an IT professional, weekend off was the best perk available to them. It was long time since he had written something. Nature was in full flow in front of him. The drizzle, sunset and cool breeze were dying to be put on paper & be expressed.  While Aman was searching for something to start upon, a raindrop fell on his diary. News channels from TV in the hall behind showed reports of farmers rejoicing the oncoming of monsoon in Maharashtra. The date of rain and earth was a divine and much awaited occasion. Aman smiled at the raindrop and thought if it had a story to tell. Smiling at this crazy idea he started writing on behalf of raindrop sitting at top left corner of his diary. Rainbow stretching on the right added to the beauty.
Write an article, short story or poem on your experiences – your memories of drenching in the rain for the first time, your first rain-date, your inspirations/motivations from the rain and whatever else you like about it. Do include an occasional rainbow if you can, they’re important too!

Be a part of our monsoon writing prompt #RaindropsOnPaper.

Take a slice in writing!

Deadline extended to August 30th . So let the creative juices flow!!


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