An Adoption – By Uttiya Roy (Romance)

An Adoption (an excerpt)

There was a story that his mother would always tell him; that the night sky was a child sleeping in a blanket of emotions and when one was sad, the child woke up.

Himangshu sighed as he sat alone in the room of the adoption agency. It was already striking 9. His mind wandered back to Frank, he must be quite worried by now. He needed to go back home soon.

fbc“Ohh Mr. Himangshu, I thought you had already left.” The cheerful voice of the receptionist caught his attention.
“I can’t leave, what about my application?” His voice trembled.
“The thing is mister; there are no parents right now who want to give their child to a gay couple.”
Himangshu clenched at his chair handle and averted his eyes.
“Thank you.” he pushed back the tears that threatened to break out.
He remembered back, Frank’s voice had been hopeful when they first started. He had said with all his courage that they would find a child and be together like a normal family.
He knew what will happen today. The moment he got back, Frank would smile and cook a delicious meal for both of them and then they would sit and watch some movies without a thought about the problems. Then next day Frank will be gone, walking a particularly long distance to forget the pain.
“Hey wait!”
The sharp voice made him panic a little. Yet, when he saw the receptionist walk into the elevator, panting a lot he could not help but, smile.
“Look I am dealing with a deadbeat father who wants to have her aborted yeah?”
They were in a small room, probably the personal room for the receptionist.
“I want to give it up for adoption but, not in here. It is filled with people who think children are just an addition to their social status.”
He looked at her with wondering eyes. He could guess the proposition but, seriously? Could they be so lucky?


Uttiya Roy – A 19uttiya ray year old who lives in Kolkata. A bit aloof from the childhood, his literary interests swing between extremes depending on his moods though, he still considers Bengali literature his main roots, and reads a lot of poetry when he has the time. He wishes to be the change in this world and feels dearly for the LGBTQ groups in the country and abroad. Currently pursuing a degree in life science, he dreams of seeing the world, and of telling the unheard stories of this country in novels.

He can be reached at : [email protected]

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  1. This theme can make for such a remarkably poignant drama. Hoping Miss Roy has done full justice to such a promising subject. However, the technical aspect of writing needs a look-in. Proper punctuation n proofreading can polish it further

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