It’s All in the Planets – By Preeti Shenoy

Its all in the planets preeti shenoy

preeti-shenoyI would suggest you not to confuse or compare this book with Bejan Daruwala’s work. Frankly, I did so and that’s the reason I am asking you not to! The format of the book reminded me of my favorite newspaper The Times of India. I used to eagerly wait for the newspaper (during my college days). Why? The daily forecast! It sounds silly now but when you are in your early twenties, you cling on to the facts and revelations that provide you with hope and a feel good factor. I used to check for my sun sign Cancer and secretly for my school crush! Later, when I started working, Astrology Zone, a website became my favourite which had a detailed summary on how your next month will turn out to be. I used to look for cues on foreign travel and a hike in money factor. Sigh.

This is the first Preeti Shenoy book which I read. It’s a nice affectionate story which revolves around Aniket, Nidhi, and Trish. Aniket and Nidhi have already found their love of life (that’s what they believe). Life should be easy but a chance encounter between Aniket and Nidhi gives a new route to the journey. They become good friends and extend helping hand to each other to solve their love life glitches. This part reminded me of the movie Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna and I had already guessed the climax of the book. But wait, a sharp turn was waiting for me, to shock me. Yes, the way Preeti brought a twist in the story, I actually read that part again. The surprise element was indeed amazing!

The other notable thing about the book is how it captures both Aniket’s and Nidhi’s thought. Hence you will not find any chapters. There are only two chapter titles: Aniket and Nidhi! The book creates a scenario and then the reader is given a dip in the respective minds.

The concept of destiny and free will is handled properly and you will discover how the title is open ended.

Few lines from the book that are my favourite:

Look bro, what you have given me is a bug report where you think you know everything about system Trisha, but you don’t.

You can tell a lot about a guy by the way he shakes a woman’s hand

Books are far more interesting than most people

Like we are some grains of a chemical that have been shaken in a test tube as part of an experiment, and we now have to settle at the bottom

Life is beautiful when you share it with a supportive spouse; otherwise it can be hell

When did relationships ever work out based on looks

I am exactly like how I was.She is the one who wants more

It will work only if you do it for yourself.If you are doing it for her, you are going to be unhappy

Where do memories go when a relationship ends?

If I loved him so much, why wasn’t my heart singing at the prospect of marriage

Relationships. They are such strange things. Just when you think you have a grip on them, something surprises you.

A friend is  a gift you give yourself

A good life partner should encourage you to be the best version of yourself

It is strange how death unites people

There are times in life when you would do anything other than face the truth.The truth has the power to maim

No matter what you do, your destiny unfolds in the way that it is meant to

We are dealt cards. That is fate. But we do have free will. What we do with the blows that land on us is upto us. We can fight and emerge stronger that before. Or we can give up.

Love, Friendship, Relationships, Career – these are the core aspects of our lives and Preeti weaves a heart touching story around it. You will experience all the emotions with the characters. Holidays are coming up. Curl up with this book with Christmas tree in the background.

Author: Preeti Shenoy
Publisher: Westland
Release: September 2016
Genre: Fiction / Romance
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