A Letter — By Nikhil Pandey

Quite an unusual story of unrequited love by Nikhil Pandey for #RomanticRendezvous. 


nikhil pandey


February 8th, 2016

Dear Megha,

Yesterday I came home and saw your letter.

I was waiting for one. It meant that you are over anger and thinking with cold mind.

It was freaking long .First few pages were in anger followed by tears and at last from heart. I have read it again and again.

It had many questions and some violent allegations. I know it’s not what you meant. I have no answers. The only thing I can do is explain my condition and I am going to do that.

Our life together had every genre one can find in movies. Drama, crime, comedy, thriller and some ounces of romance in the absolute freaking wrong moments.

After one of our long evening walks I remember dropping you home and leaving a part of my heart at your doorstep waiting for another wonderful walk.

You are an amazing person and you would say “You too but I am not, believe me. You know me, I have always gone with my gut. That day I did that too.

My feelings towards you are same as were yesterday. I do not love you. I cannot marry you. What I am and what I will be will always the same, your best friend. I hope you will understand this one day.

I warned you many times .Remember, I disappeared for almost a month, god! Those were painful days and in that part of my solitary life I realized that I cannot live without you but I can’t live with you too. You are too right for me.

There is hundred percent chance that saying no to you will make me spend rest of my life lonely. I am a mess, I know that and I don’t want you to take the responsibility to clean it for rest of your life.

For betterment of your life I am going away. Away from this bad, worse, worst world without you. Leaving everything and packing every memory. Every evening, coffee bills, your favourite Mickey Mouse cup, and if possible your problems.

I am not giving you leap of faith but if in a day, month, year or millennium of my trash life I realize I have done my life’s biggest mistake. I will come back for you. I will snitch you from anybody no matter how happy or sad you would be, I will take you with me.

Until then I am wishing you extreme happiness. I hope you will understand me as you always do.






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