A journey which changed everything

I vaguely remember the time when I got admission in NIT Silchar and becoming a good mechanical engineer was the only aim of my life. I was supposed to fall in love with machines, romance the textbooks, and attend everylecture religiously and secure a good job. But there was a twistin the story and now at the end of four years, getting a job is last thing on my mind. I started writing again. Now before you start blaming me for being an engineer and not writing upmarket quality stuff, I must ask you to stop stereotyping! So let me remind you that I started writing again. It’s not like I wasn’t into writing before and started after falling in love and suffering a heart break. Nope. Didn’t happen. And maybe that’s why my books never focussed on love but focussed on life instead.

I used to write even before engineering, stopped for a while and pleasantly got back to it. So I am not an engineer who became a writer. I am a writer who became an engineer and became a writer again, all for good of course. When I wrote my first book, I was 19 and hardly knew a thing about publishing industry. Made a lot of mistakes. Learnt a lot of lessons. But the idea was to keep going. To be honest, I got almost nothing out of my first book. But still, I started working on my second book. Why? Why would one make a second mistake? And rather, why would one make a second mistake so happily? The answer was the motive with which I was writing. I was not writing books to attain fame and money.
I was writing books because I had a story and I had to tell it because it was making me restless inside. And I must highlight the fact that if you are writing for fame or money, publishing industry promises none! If you want to write, write for that satisfaction you get, for the power of playing god, for the magic of creating something out of nothing, for those random messages from random people who thank you for writing it, for the feeling of holding your book in your hand. If you had an imaginary lover, won’t you love to see him/her in blood and flesh? It’s the same thing. It’s just instead of blood and flesh you have ink and paper. But the touch, the feel, the smell! It’s just as much satisfying.

On a more practical note, writing a book and getting it on shelves is a tedious process. It takes years. Yes, the feel is amazing. It’s out of the world. But once you are determined that you want to write a book, you should also be determined to be committed to it. It’s like having a baby – that is you just can’t have a baby and leave it. You are responsible for it. You need to nurture it with your time and commitment. You can’t abandon your book after having it!

It may seem that I am contradicting what I said before but both perspectives are right in their own way. You must write for enjoying. But you must also give your best and make sure your book gets what it deserves. That’s the best part of being an author. You become marketer, distributor, salesman, vagabond or whatever your book demands. Just like a baby demands things from her mother! Becoming a mother is life changing and so is becoming an author – only if you are doing it whole heartedly!

So if you are planning to have a baby or write a book, gear up. It will be a journey that will change everything.

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About Harsh Agarwal:
An art
ist by soul, an entrepreneur by profession and an engineer by education, Harsh has played a diverse range of roles in a very short span of time. A true foodie and a huge travel enthusiast, Harsh loves to meet new people and try new things. At present, he is residing in the beautiful state of Assam to complete his graduation in National Institute of Technology, Silchar.

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