A Dog Eat Dog-Food World — BY C Suresh

Humour and satire are the most difficult genres for an author to attempt, especially in India. There are few who even try writing a complete book without losing focus on the satire part. Veteran blogger and writer C Suresh has achieved the feat and created a niche for himself with readers who would look forward to his next published work.

sureshThe book, as Suresh reminds us, is a novella and not a full length novel. But that doesn’t take away its glory of being a great one. The initial chapters are hilarious, they portray the life and maladies of Spike Fortune, who’s so rich that he falls sick if he doesn’t get to spend money. A superb dig at such people, if they really exist today! Spike is stinky rich and he decides to open a business to spend his surfeit money as he contemplated that no businessman ever made profits. He employs his nephew Jerry to find a business idea for him, and the poor chap went through a lot to accomplish the task. Finally, they set up a dog food company, and Voila! began a never-ending saga.

What you will read next is a pseudo history and lessons in Business Management that are crafted beautifully and do not seem boring to even a layman like me. Suresh describes how each part of Business Management came into being, including strategies and advertisements.

Spike and Jerry also complete with Tom Rich and his nephew Jasper who set up a rival company selling cat food. It is amazing to read about Spike’s transformation from just a lazy rich heir to an exceptional business tycoon who succumbs to the industry. The innocent and naive Jerry becomes a seasoned player too while strategising new products and lines of business for his uncle.

I would take the opportunity to laud Suresh for this wonderful book and its lessons, learned through a few laughs as well. His style of writing and superb choice of words are an asset not only for this book but for his future ventures. If the novella has made this impact, a full length novel by him is surely one to look forward to!

A Dog Eat Dog-Food World is highly recommended for everyone. Do read even if you are not keen on Business Management, as you don’t need to.

About the Author: 

c sureshC Suresh is a Chemical Engineer and an MBA from IIM-Bangalore. No! He did not decide to write because he saw other IIM grads succeeding at it. He worked with IFFCO, New Delhi in the area of Fertilizer subsidies from 1988 to 2004. Despite adopting the motto ‘Some people will do anything for money…even work’, he seemed to have had some small success in fertilizer policy, since he had five major companies for clients after quitting IFFCO in 2004 to become a consultant. He quit the consultancy in 2006, shifted to Bangalore and, then, developed cold feet about writing. He started trekking and a whole host of other activities to keep himself occupied. In 2012, he revived his blog and from then on has been writing regularly on it. Suresh has had fiction pieces on humour published in ‘Alive’ and ‘Femina’, co-authored an anthology ebook with other bloggers ‘Sirens Spell Danger.’

  • Author: C Suresh
  • Publisher: Fablery
  • Release: October 2015
  • Genre: Fiction/Humour
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