A Dog Eat Dog-Food World — By C Suresh

An engineer, an MBA, a Consultant, a Blogger and now a Writer. C Suresh has cruised through all these phases in order to pursue writing. Featured among India’s Top 5 Humour/Satire blogs, he has written over 400 blog posts till now. Dabbling in fiction pieces and having co-authored an anthology, A Dog Eat Dog-Food World is his first solo book. 

The onset of writing 

In 2012, I revived my blog and from then on have been writing regularly on it. I did write a couple of humour pieces and one humour fiction piece in 1988 – the first two were published in ‘Alive’ and the latter in ‘Femina’. So, my fiction-writing predates even the existence of blogging. But, after that, there was a long gap till I started blogging. In 2013, along with a couple of other bloggers, I put out a crime anthology ebook on Amazon – ‘Sirens spell danger’. When Fablery sought me to write a humour novella for them, I jumped at the chance and ‘A dog eat dog-food world’ is the result.

A Dog Eat Dog-Food World

sureshA hilarious pseudo-history of marketing management, which explicitly denies resemblance to any actual history, and which will be horrified if some semblance be found. ‘A dog eat dog-food world’ is the story of a man who discovered that the path of life is strewn with treadmills and, if you get on one by mistake, you could keep running all your life to stay in the same place. The story of how just minding your own business can lead to unexpected consequences, guided by the ‘invisible hand’ of long dead economists. Anything you learn from the book – be it the basics of marketing management or a satirical view of Society – you do at your own risk.
The tale only dogs the doings of Spike Fortune who only sought to feed dogs and Jerry Fortune who, being fortuneless, gets dragged helter-skelter by his uncle Spike’s careening pursuit of commercial success; Spike’s rival Tom Rich, who is unwillingly dragged into upstaging Spike and tries to do it by teasing the palates of cats, helped by the bumbling efforts of his nephew, Jasper Rich who would rather be chasing girls than chasing cats.

What makes the book unique?

There would be three things that I consider unique about this book. One is the fact that this sort of dry humour is rare if not absent in literature and not just in Indian Literature, after P.G. Wodehouse. I make no claims to equal that master, just that the writing is the same type of humour writing that he used to do and no-one seems to have carried on thereafter.

The second thing is that, even though the book is humorous, the concepts of marketing that I have written about are real and I think this book could well serve to convey the concepts better than a text-book. Though, that certainly was not why I wrote the book.

The third thing is that this sort of light-hearted parody to satirise Society has itself been very rarely used and you could probably count such books written in English without unduly stressing yourself.

A word or two for aspiring writers

Write because it gives you pleasure to write what you write. All else should be secondary to that. Especially, when it comes to humour and satire – unless it bubbles in you, it probably will not tickle anyone.

About the Author: 

c sureshC Suresh is a Chemical Engineer and an MBA from IIM-Bangalore. No! He did not decide to write because he saw other IIM grads succeeding at it. 🙂 He worked with IFFCO, New Delhi in the area of Fertilizer subsidies from 1988 to 2004. Despite adopting the motto ‘Some people will do anything for money…even work’, he seemed to have had some small success in fertilizer policy, since he had five major companies for clients after quitting IFFCO in 2004 to become a consultant. He quit the consultancy in 2006, shifted to Bangalore and, then, developed cold feet about writing. He started trekking and a whole host of other activities to keep himself occupied. In 2012, he revived his blog and from then on has been writing regularly on it. Suresh has had fiction pieces on humour published in ‘Alive’ and ‘Femina’, co-authored an anthology ebook with other bloggers ‘Sirens Spell Danger.’

  • Author: C Suresh
  • Publisher: Fablery
  • Release: October 2015
  • Genre: Fiction/Humour
  • Buy from Flipkart | Amazon


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