A Deep Fried Love Story — By Diptee Raut

He and She. Weight loss agenda and alur chop. It’s a delicious love story. 
Here’s an excerpt from the story: 
Her stomach was growling. Winters made her hungrier than usual. She hated it. But this time she was determined to get her diet right. She had to lose weight. She had stood in front of her mirror last night and seen herself properly (this was not exactly very common; standing and staring at self in front of the mirror was a luxury for her these days). She had not liked what she had seen. Na, she was getting too fat. Weight loss had to be the agenda now…
…The only part of the day he truly looked forward to, was his evening at the metro station biting into that hot, greasy, delicious bit of alur chop. He loved tele bhaja — assorted vegetables/pulse mixes dipped in besan and deep fried. And he loved alur chop the most. He loved it even more since he had been detected with cholesterol and it had become a forbidden food. He usually took an assortment of bhajas but on days that were exceptionally bad, he stuck to the trusted, no-nonsense alur chop. The thrill was greater because he would always manage to sneak it inside the metro station from the prying eyes of the policemen who did not allow food items inside.
About the author :  Diptee Raut is a working mother to a four year old. She loves to read, write, sew and quilt and spend time playing and crafting with her son. She is from Mumbai but has made Kolkata her home now.
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34 thoughts on “A Deep Fried Love Story — By Diptee Raut

  1. 10/10 . My vote goes for this one..it's short, it's catchy..gripping…makes you intrigued and want to know more…it's also very different..the writers style makes you have a smile as you imagining the script..

  2. Okay….I can definitely understand the he and the she in this story are going to meet in the story. And it has got me very curious to know what happens. And what happened in the middle too. Don't torture me like this! 🙁 I JUST NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. Since this story looks promising, I vote for it. ^_^

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