A Blog Can Be A Forum For Fiction Before You Become A Writer

sureshAn engineer, an MBA, a Consultant, a Blogger and now a Writer. C Suresh has cruised through all these phases in order to pursue writing. Featured among India’s Top 5 Humour/Satire blogs, he has written over 400 blog posts till now. Dabbling in fiction pieces and having co-authored an anthology, A Dog Eat Dog-Food World is his first solo book.

We have compiled this article for all the aspiring bloggers in our community who want to be published writers one day, see their names in print on book covers and bask in the glory. Let’s see what Suresh says about blogging and writing. 

How difficult was writing a book compared to writing a blog?

For all the blogging started as a sort of personal diary-keeping, blog writing is actually better when it seems like a dialogue between the writer and reader. My blog is primarily text, so the use of multimedia to enhance the appeal is anyway not there. The point about blogging is that, mostly, the nearest equivalent in published books is more likely to be essays, not fiction.

Writing published work requires more formality in the writing than in blogging. Even when it comes to non-fiction, blogging allows you to explore different subjects at random, whereas published work would demand some coherence of thought across the whole book.

I could not and did not balance a job and writing. I planned to quit working in order to write, and after a nervous decade, took the plunge.

How did you utilise your blog as a platform for writing?

A blog can, at best, be a forum for short fiction. Long fiction – novellas and novels – demand different techniques of writing than the short form and THAT difference will always bedevil the blogger who turns author unless he is mentally prepared for it from the outset. As for fiction, I have written lesser fiction on my blogs than most writers.

In fact, I started blogging in order to revive my practice of writing as also to try out and practice specific things pertinent to writing. The fiction pieces in my blog were also a test of various facets of writing – writing stream of consciousness, writing dialogues etc. Once I was confident that I was at least competent in the various competencies, I started writing fiction.

A few words on your writing style

I have not yet written a novel-length book. The book that is currently out is a novella. I could still manage the writing without having to play out secondary conflicts in addition to the primary conflict, as would have been necessary in novel-length writing. Also, since this is a satire, the writing has been unconventional and will probably not be a template for my future writing. One reader, at least, has found the book ‘…a one in a thousand kind that has to be read at least twice…’, and said so on Amazon.

About the Author: 

c sureshC Suresh is a Chemical Engineer and an MBA from IIM-Bangalore. No! He did not decide to write because he saw other IIM grads succeeding at it. He worked with IFFCO, New Delhi in the area of Fertilizer subsidies from 1988 to 2004. Despite adopting the motto ‘Some people will do anything for money…even work’, he seemed to have had some small success in fertilizer policy, since he had five major companies for clients after quitting IFFCO in 2004 to become a consultant. He quit the consultancy in 2006, shifted to Bangalore and, then, developed cold feet about writing. He started trekking and a whole host of other activities to keep himself occupied. In 2012, he revived his blog and from then on has been writing regularly on it. Suresh has had fiction pieces on humour published in ‘Alive’ and ‘Femina’, co-authored an anthology ebook with other bloggers ‘Sirens Spell Danger.’

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